Wednesday WIPs and FOs

Knitting has been sporadic this week. I am chugging away, just not as focused. I guess because I keep casting on new projects!! But I am making headway on the old. This week has been dedicated to the old WIPs.

image image

Autumn Sweater has a sleeve ready to join to the body. The other sleeve has about 35 rows to go to get to the same length. And Connor’s Redo Blanket is slowly getting quicker on the rows as I am into the decreases to finish out the corner. The colors are not correct for either project. Gloomy day all day today, so no good lighting to be found. Both projects are into the final stages, just can’t wait to get to the color work on the sweater. I am hoping to have this done by Thanksgiving, and really hoping the temps allow me to wear it!!

In the FO department a few more baby hats were done. And fortuitous it was. A friend put out a request for baby boy items as her BIL & SIL are fostering a 5 week old, 5 lb, baby boy. They desperately needed items. Since as I had a stack of preemie/newborn hats done, I dropped off three different sizes to their house. They were destined to go to a local hospital, but I was sure God had them still in my house for this purpose. These two were in the bag.

image image image
image image image

Pattern: My own adaptations
Yarn: Berroco Vintage, one of my favs for baby items.

And that’s it from my world today. Looking forward to knitting with the buds today and then lunch. And then, joy joy!, I get to go to the orthodontist to get my braces adjusted. I cannot wait to get these things off my teeth!!! Please, tell your kids, WEAR THEIR RETAINERS!!! That’s why I am back in braces at 54.

Head over to see who’s up to what today.
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