Friday Finishes and Fun

So today’s finish is the Scoreboard Scarf I knit for the Spanish teacher at DG’s high school. DG doesn’t take Spanish, but this teacher is a nice lady and has admired my knitting at basketball games. So she is knit worthy. I wasn’t sure if I would give it to her since my knitting friend had just given her a crocheted scarf. But since it was meant for her, I decided it was hers.

image image
Yarn: Kraemer Perfection in Cliffs and Daisy
Pattern: Scoreboard  like, but I just did a 1×1 ribbed pattern, not a tube of St st.
Shop: Sheepskeins in Newburgh, IN

The end with all the brown on it was the first game, the end with more gold was the sectional game we lost. I hated for the guys to be finished, but since I ran out of yarn I couldn’t have made it any longer. The last big brown stripe and the two smaller ones at that end are with a different yarn. But you really can’t tell and they both are washable. It ended up about 7 feet long, so more than enough to wrap around your neck and tuck in for added warmth.

Work on the Prairie Blanket and the Autumn Sweater is progressing well. The rows on PB just keep getting smaller and faster! The Autumn Sweater is into the yoke, so the rows will also get smaller. Plus, it’s almost time for colorwork!!! Can! Not! Wait!

The weeks are getting busier than ever here. Diva Girl has 2 weeks until her stage debut at her school, she is sharing narration in the play “Our Town”. So proud of her. She works 2-3 days a week and then practices are starting for diving. She doesn’t even swim! LOL. But they are hoping her tumbling from cheer will aid her in flips off the diving board. She already almost has a layout twist, but not diving head first, feet first. Considering they have almost no divers, this is a great opportunity for her. We are going to be back on the road going and going. But it will be so much fun to see her go after something and succeed. Oh, and she is committing to Florida Gulf Coast University!!! So excited for her. Such a gorgeous campus and wonderful academic school. Our daughters have made wonderful choices for their college careers.

And CG is {} close to committing to Navy for her Medical School funding. It’s a great program and she will come out of the program with great opportunities. She is planning to do emergency medicine after school until she can break into Sports Medicine. We are just so proud of our girls!

OK, enough proud momma moments. Off to party with iknead2knit and It’s a Hard Knit Life!


2 thoughts on “Friday Finishes and Fun

  1. What a fun stripey scarf. I bet she loves it! Such exciting times for your girls. I love that they are fearless in trying new things. Is CG planning on going to the Naval Academy here in Annapolis? Or is it a special med program tied to the Navy? Med school is so very expensive so it sounds like a smart choice.

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