Knitting On, Keeping Calm

Although the knitting has been missing in action these last two days. I knit while driving to a wedding on Saturday, 2+ hours to the hotel, 20 minutes to the wedding, and then back again. Sunday I drove home while Hubster slept off the dancing and partying,  and then spent the rest of the day with my cousin and Dive Girl doing a senior photo shoot. What fun. But man was I tired! Maybe I did a little too much dancing myself on Saturday night? Yes, yes I did.

So Monday was shot due to my lack of energy and a bit of errand running in the morning. Once home I just vegged and did a lot of nothing. So my November totals will suffer from this inertia! I need to get my butt in Tomorrow, tomorrow I will knit. Well, after my sewing session at church in the morning. But then, I promise myself, knitting time will take precedence!

At least there is progress on Connor’s Redo Blanket from the weekend.

imagePattern: Prairie Blanket
Yarn: Cascade Pacific

Bad lighting courtesy of the time change! Which doesn’t really bother me like everyone else. My internal clock just isn’t that touchy. But the dogs? Oh boy, does it affect them! They want breakfast at 6:30 and dinner at 3:30!!! Um, no, nobody ain’t got time for that! Momma is still sleeping at 6:30! And probably 3:30 too! LOL

And the other bit of knitting is a pair of fingerless mitts for DG and my Autumn Sweater.

image image
I added a cable twist before starting the thumb gusset to make it a bit deeper for DG’s long hands.

The horrible mess on the right is the steek, not a pattern malfunction!

 Almost ready to switch to the next color in the chart. The next color is the orange again, and then burgundy. I am hoping the green isn’t as harsh a contrast in real life, or that the additional colors make it work. I am probably worrying too much over it.

Head on out to see what other’s are calming about and knitting on.

5 thoughts on “Knitting On, Keeping Calm

  1. Everything looks wonderful! I’m sure you’ll find time to knit sooner or later:)
    The time change is doing us all in too. Myles is totally off his usual crazy schedule. He woke The Husband at 3:30 this morning to go out and then wanted to play. By the time we’re all adjusted it will be nearly time to turn the clocks again.

  2. My kitty thinks breakfast should be at the new 6:30. I’m making her wait until 8, which is the time I fiind civilized.

    Your sweater is going to be great! I do my steek stitches in a checkerboard pattern; it lies flatter for mme than a stripe. But it’s all going to be cut and on the inside, so it’s all good! Enjoy the process aand the product.

  3. The time change doesn’t really affect me too much either. I just don’t like that I can’t take such good pictures with the lack of lighting when I get home at the end of the day. You have so many beautiful projects on the needles. Thank you for the inspiration.

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