Friday Fun!!

It’s done!!! It’s over!!! The monkey is off my back! 3rd time may be a charm, but I am happy to be done with this 3rd Prairie Blanket. I am retiring this pattern to the archives. Never again. Maybe it didn’t help that this time I modified it to make it longer instead of square. But since this was for a toddler, I felt it would work better to be a rectangle. It reaches edge to edge on my blocking board.

 image image
None of these shots are really color correct.

image image
Connor’s Redo Blanket
Pattern: Prairie Blanket
Yarn: Cascade Pacific

The shot of the yarn is the remainder of the 5 skeins I purchased. I was sweating it for sure! As I approached the end I was watching that skein get smaller and smaller. And the fear was there. And the doubt, why did I push it. I had gambled that 2.5 skeins in I would start the 2nd half of the blanket. And I did, but did I really hit it at the halfway point? As I neared the end I was sure I had miscalculated. But happily I was wrong!!! Whew!


Now, what to focus on?

The umpteen other things I have going already? Why no. I just had to buy this lovely yarn for 2 more hats.


These will hopefully make 2 Ava Berets for my great-nieces. I may be cutting it close again, so fingers will be crossed.

Now head over to see what others are having fun with this week!

Hard Knit Life


8 thoughts on “Friday Fun!!

  1. Wow, that was cutting it close! The blanket is beautiful and the perfect size for a toddler. It also will make a perfect throw when he outgrows it. Love how it looks draped over your chair.

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