Heavy Heart

There is some stress in my world right now. I know what is happening in our lives is nothing compared to what others are experiencing. And I feel bad because I am complaining about my issues. It is so hard to reconcile our blessings with our trials and see that we are not supposed to negate them just because we should feel blessed all the time. Without the down times we can’t see the highs of the good times. Just because my trial seems small next to my neighbor’s doesn’t mean mine isn’t a worry for me. I just need to learn to handle the trials with more grace than I do. My frustration gets the best of me and I say things I shouldn’t. Please say some prayers that I will grow in my stress handling skills. I don’t think wishing the stressors away will work! LOL. At least I can knit them away.

Thank you for the lovely comments on the blanket. And no, I am not into yarn chicken, it just seems to find me. Ha ha! I am just glad to have it done. And no way am I making that blanket again!!! I love the finished look, but the instructions do not allow for easy memorization. So I am tied to my pattern for the entire blanket. At least with the recently finished Chevron blanket I am able to go off pattern and just go with it.

Now, to enjoy the day and maybe do some reading and knitting. I think we are headed out tonight to listen to some music. Last night was a girl’s basketball game that was INTENSE! Didn’t think our girls would pull it off, but at the last few seconds they were able to go up by 1 point. What an exciting game!


7 thoughts on “Heavy Heart

  1. You know sometimes you get stuck in your own issues and then be reminded that everyone have something going on. Like my spouse likes to tell me you think you have issues……. some one is doing worse…. I know exactly how you feel. Of course ill pray… I’m extremely happy that I have knitting because it does relax me and give me something to focus on. Stay and feel blessed….. Even though we don’t know you we’re here!!!

  2. Hey Chris!

    You know what, we all hit that spot. You have prayed me through mine and I will pray you through yours. Seems so many like us are struggling lately. The news doesn’t help with all the negativity being reported. Chin up and focus where you know you should and you will get through this. Hug sweet friend!

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