Sweater Weather Challenge

Playing along with Wandering Cat
Sweater Weather Challenge

1. Favorite Candle Scent: Pumpkin!!

2. Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate: Hot Chocolate!!! Tea? Eh. Coffee-absolutely not!!!

3. What Is the Best Fall Memory You Have? Raking leaves with my siblings and then playing in them.

4. Best Fragrance for Fall:Pumpkin

5. Favorite Thanksgiving Food: Homemade dumplings!

6. Most Worn Sweater: It will be my Autumn Sweater once I finish it!!!

7. Football Games or Jumping in Leaves? Football!!!

8. Favorite Fall Accessory: Boots, Scarves, I can’t pick!

9. Favorite Type of Pie: Pumpkin

10. What Is Fall Weather Like Where You Live? Wait 5 mintues, it will change. warm, cool, cold, hot, who knows from day to day. Right now, cool.

11. Favorite Fall Makeup Trend: No makeup

12. What Song Really Gets You in the Fall Spirit? none

13. Pumpkin Spice – Worth the Hype? No. Only in pie and candles

14. Favorite Fall TV Show: Don’t do much TV, does Football count?

15. Favorite Fall New TV Show: Again, not into TV

16. Skinny Jeans or Leggings? Skinny jeans between the two, but much prefer boot cut jeans.

17. Combat Boots or Uggs? I agree with WC: “Combat boots… I think Uggs are just….well …ugh.”

18. Halloween: Yes

19. Fall Mornings or Fall Evenings? Evenings, I don’t do mornings.

20. Feelings About Black Friday: Having worked retail for 30 years in my past, I don’t do Black Friday AT ALL! Being Christian, I dislike the commercialization of Christmas. I leave the shopping until the last minute.

21. Favorite Fall Traditions: Does Thanksgiving count? Cause it’s my fav!!

22. Any New Traditions to Start? Nope.

23. Favorite Alcoholic Beverage for Fall: don’t drink, but Apple cider warmed with carmel is to die for!

24. When Should the Holiday Season Start? In there respective months.

25. Who Do You Love to Spend the Fall With? My near and extended family.


One thought on “Sweater Weather Challenge

  1. This is a fun list. I’ll have to visit The Wandering Cat and see what’s up over there. Your feelings regarding the Ugg boots reaffirm my faith in humanity (and fashion). hehe.

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