Keep Calm, Craft On

Thank you for the lovely comments on my trying to keep calm post of the other day. Things are better, but we still have moments of upheaval that are so hard to see through. I am holding on to the thought that the current issues are more doable than they were this summer. And through it all, knitting has been there for me. But right now, the knitting is causing more stress than life!!

I am fastly approaching the end of Autumn Sweater. And with that end came lots of questions. How to finish the neckline; ribbing, applied I-Cord, another textured pattern, too many options, not enough decision. I actually did finish it with ribbing, but realized I had decreased more than I wanted. So I ripped back, reknit, and have it on a needle waiting for the button bands to be done. I want to edge it in the green, so I need to have the orange sts live. But now that the steek has been cut, the neck doesn’t have another option.

So now I am sweating the button bands. One is done, and whew!, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. There is that moment where you are just sure it won’t be right. Will it waffle or bow? And joy joy, it seems to lay well. So now, figure out buttons before applying the buttonhole band. I need to look at store bought sweaters to determine how many buttons to use. At least Wednesday I can button shop!!!! Fun Fun. And for your enjoyment, here’s a sneak peak of the sweater.


Unblocked, so excuse the slight puckering.

I am so excited to get this done!! It will be my Thanksgiving events sweater. Although with my family it will be too hot to wear indoors! These people need more blood in their veins! LOL, or I need less? OK, maybe some of those fat cells clinging to me should take a hike so my body temp will not run so high.

Fingers crossed I can get this done and be ready to wear it for the cold weather. Well, after the heat wave coming on Wednesday! 70 degrees? On Nov 11th? Really?

Join us calm crafters, head over to Frontier Dreams to see who else is staying calm!

6 thoughts on “Keep Calm, Craft On

  1. Carie

    Well from the sneak peek I think it looks fabulous, especially the green edging. And yay for button shopping, that’s one of my favourite parts!

  2. that sweater looks so interesting! cannot wait to see the whole thing. I understand about knitting being what keeps you sane…and what makes you crazy…all at the same time. I also understand about needing less blood in the veins (or less fat cells) because I boil all the time. no sweaters for me even in the coldest weather unless I am outside….not moving….or breathing 🙂

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