Wonderful Wednesday Wealth

Because I have a wealth of WIPs and wonder going on here. First, the WIPs:

imageAutumn Sweater: Istek Anniversary Sweater
Yarn: Cascade 220, Cascade Lana D’Oro, Ella Rae Superwash

Hoping the Ella Rae and the Lana D’Oro don’t go all wonky on me. Just down to the buttonhole band, but waiting to find buttons today before I start it. Need to determine how many buttons and how big.

imageBasic Hat that I just adapted from several patterns
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease leftovers

Last week to get the hats in for Operation Christmas Child, so this is the last for this year. For the remainder of 2015 I will work on hats for the babies at one of the local hospitals. I have gathered a lot of leftovers to use for stripes or stranded designs.

image imagePattern: Yvette Roositud Hat from Modern Vintage
Yarn: Frog Tree Meriboo

I love this hat. Not sure I can master the technique, but willing to try. I did change the cast on from a provisional to a Tubular using this technique. Perfecto! Also changing the gauge from sport in an adult size to DK for a child. I love Math! But only when I am given numbers, no letters please, that’s SPELLING!

In the wonder department, last night I got to see the dress rehearsal for Diva Girl’s play. Her school is doing “Our Town”, which she did at a different school when she was a freshman. She is sharing the narrator past with a fellow senior. I can’t wait for the 3 nights of the real thing. She is so nervous, but she will be wonderful!!!

imagePracticing her curtsy.
Break a Leg Coo!

Now head out for more wonder and WIPs!
Life and Yarn


17 thoughts on “Wonderful Wednesday Wealth

  1. What lovely projects!

    I don’t knit anything for Operation Christmas Child, but we have been getting our boxes packed this week. That’s neat that you make hats for them.

    1. Hats, the perfect thing to knit where you can be distracted or can’t focus on a pattern. Oooo, a black hat. You are brave. I can never see my stitches when knitting with black!

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