Friday FOs and Fun

This week has been busy, but oh so much fun! Diva Girl had her opening night in he high school’s play last night. She did beautifully! So proud of her. Now two more performances and she is done. At least until auditions for the Spring Musical. We wished she had done the plays and musicals all 4 years, but she had other commitments and was just not confident enough. It took 2 years for her drama class teacher to wear her down to tryout for him. So glad he finally got her.

In other fun news, the sweater, it is finished!! Well, as of Thursday night the knitting was done. As soon as it dries today I am sewing on buttons and tacking the last few ends. And then on to wearing it all weekend long! But no peak yet.

For the FO, it’s just a plain old hat. I finally made the Barley Hat that everyone raves about. And it is a great hat. The only issue for me is the fact that the neat garter st section makes the crown of the hat sit oddly. I am sure it won’t show on someone’s head, but it bugs me to no end. LOL. It’s just my OCDness.


Diva Girl, Hat Crown
Bad lighting hat, True Color Hat

Now go join in the parties while I head out for a girls lunch and then later tonight the play with my mom, dad, and College Girl. Thanks to my Bro, SIL, niece and her boyfriend for coming last night. Hubster wasn’t planning to go tonight, but who knows, he is so proud as punch he just might go all three.

Hard Knit Life

4 thoughts on “Friday FOs and Fun

  1. Congratulations to Diva Girl. Glad she had such a good time.

    I’d love to meet up when you come down to Florida. You just let me know when you’ll be around. We are almost always here. 🙂

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