Keep Calm…..

…..and cast on all the things! This is so where I want to go right now. Too many lovely things that I want to knit. But, there are the things I must knit, like the already casted on things. And the things others have requested of me. And the things that I want to knit for others. I seriously need to clone myself, or grow more arms?

So this week has seen a lot of hats. With the 4 performances of Diva Girl’s play I had a lot of sitting to do, and knitting just goes along with that. When the events allowed I pulled out the charity hats and got to town.


All hats have the Classic Elite Liberty Wool skein 7804 Painted Desert. I split the colors into sections so the hats would be boyish or girlish. The striped hat is using the leftover pieces with Ella Rae Superwash. I liked the Liberty Wool in the ball more than knit up. It’s just a crap shoot when you are using long runs of color.

The Roositud Hat continues with back and forth knitting. As in, knit it, rip it, knit it, rip it! Placement of the floats is the issue. As in operator error. But now I am into the decreases, for the 2nd time, so it should be done soon.


Sorry for the scrunched up hat. I can’t get it to lie flat for the photo. Yarn is Frog Tree Meriboo, soooo soft! Hoping this drapes well with all that softness. It’s a beret shape, but more of a slouch look. Also hoping it fits the little one I am making it for. Changing gauge and size probably wasn’t the best idea on a new to me technique?

Joining in with the other Calm Crafters at Frontier.


6 thoughts on “Keep Calm…..

  1. Such lovely projects. I already have more projects started than brain cells….but does that stop me from starting more…sadly, no…but then again, I can blame it on having fewer brain cells…right? 🙂

  2. I would love it when I had lots of time to knit while my daughter was rehearsing. You got a lot done! That hat looks so pretty with all the delicate colors.

  3. Oh I know that feeling all too well – I think my eyes knit faster than my fingers! Your hats are gorgeous though and a wonderfully productive way to spend all that sitting time 🙂

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