Thursday Thinking

imageimageimageBetter shots of the Roositud Hat.
Washed, blocked, and some help for the brim from elastic thread. After washing the ribbing loosened way too much.

Firstly, thank you all for the lovely comments on my Autumn Sweater!!! You can’t imagine how wonderful it makes me feel to have people notice an accomplishment. We all like to be encouraged and you guys sure are a great encouragement to me. I think us knit bloggers crave the accolades because we don’t always get the recognition at home or about. But I will say, Hubster did make it a point to praise my sweater, he’s learning! And my knitting friends all gave me such wonderful encouragement on the sweater. But then this happened.

I was in JoAnns when a lady asked me where the knitting stuff was. I told her I was headed there myself. I ended up helping her find needles and rewrote a pattern some man tried to give her for Grandmother’s Favorite Dishcloth. She never once noticed my sweater. Argh! Then as I went into the queue to check out a lady was in the line. She moved so I could get around and as we stood there looking at knittting magazines I invited her to our knitting group. She took the info and never once asked if I had made the sweater I was wearing. Now, maybe it’s just me, but if I had been in close proximity to anyone wearing this sweater I would have been begging to know where they bought it! At the least, as a knitter, I would be asking for the pattern info.

Now, at this point some of you may be saying, Geez, Girl, get over yourself. But I am not just trying to garner compliments, I want to share my excitement that I actually made this thing of wonder! I took strings and sticks and created something of beauty. I am not flattering myself that it is beautiful, it is. Why would I have made it if not for it’s appeal to me? Are there flaws, ABSOLUTELY! Am I better than anyone else. ABSOLUTELY NOT! We all have this ability within us. I am no better or worse. But it is so nice to have people recognize your effort.

Secondly, some have made reference to my “speed” or ability to produce a lot of knit items. When I was teaching knitting I had two friends ask me to teach them Continental knitting so they could knit faster and get more things done, like me. Only, I don’t knit Continental and it’s not the knitting speed that accomplishes this task. It’s the time and effort put into it that makes for production. You can change the method, and you should if it’s an ergonomic issue, but it won’t make you produce more.

How do I do it? I don’t work, at a job outside of the home. I haven’t held a full time job since 1996, when I was pregnant with Younger. I have worked part time since then at a knit shop and a bistro, just helping out, but not devoting my full time to either. I knit during just about every minute of down time I have. And sometimes I don’t. But if I am sitting, I am knitting. I am knitting hats, 47 so far this year, that are usually 56-72 sts around and made to fit baby to toddlers. I can get half of one knit during a hockey game.

But so far this year I haven’t made a lot of big items. I finished a half done sweater, made a whole sweater, 1 toddler blanket, a few shawls, and lots of baby sweaters. So comparing small to big I am definitely a producer of small.

The people who really deserve accolades are those who put in a full day at a job, have small children still at home, have commitments to family or others who take them away from home. My life has little of this, at this point it’s very dull, LOL!

So Kudos to you, the ones who do all or some of those things, and yet still produce lovely knit items. Yay to those who are still knitting, even when other issues demand attention and life throws a curve ball. My prayer for all is that you have just as much time to knit as you desire. And that all of your knitting dreams come true.

And thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the comments you leave. I know I need to do better at commenting back, but when I finally sit down to a computer to read blogs it’s for sure that I have my hands full of knitting! It’s hard to knit and type at the same time, but I endeavor to be better at it.

Keeping you In Stitches,


11 thoughts on “Thursday Thinking

  1. it’s funny – back in the day when I only worked a couple of days a week my extra time was taken up with mommy things. So I only had so much time to knit. Now that I work full time plus, teach some evenings, volunteer, etc… I still have about the same time. I dream of retirement when I can spend all the time I want on my crafts! Your work is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. I read you loud and clear. I’m silly when I meet people in public that want to discuss knitting. I almost peed myself when I saw a woman in the grocerystore at the mall with her grandkids and I asked HER if she was wearing a hirotufude. She was so happy I knew the pattern and we squealed to the embarrassment of her smalls and my tween. ha!

    It is truly nice to connect with people on a hobby that one holds so dear. I know it’s not for everyone, nor do I expect it to be, but that’s even why it is so much more special.

  3. Such an adorable hat.

    If the woman was a beginning knitter maybe she didn’t realize that you could actually have MADE the sweater yourself. Some people are pretty dense. :::sigh:::

  4. That’s a beautiful hat. And I agree with all of your blog post! I read blogs while knitting, and the two go together well. It’s good to stop and make a comment; it’s like a stretch break!

  5. ❤ Sending lots of knitting love your way!! I hear you on all points…I'm also a producer of small knit things 🙂 Also with you on the knitting and reading blogs…but sometimes I come across fantastic posts like yours and I have to put the needles down. Keep knitting & keep sharing…and totally looking forward the Autumn Sweater photoshoot!!

  6. Lovely hat! That decorative detail turned out great. Knitting a beautiful sweater takes so much time and effort … of course we want all of the compliments! One time, I wore a brand spanking new hot-off-the-needles cardigan to my weekly knitting group and some of the ladies there complimented me on the hat that I was wearing and didn’t even notice the cardigan! They thought that it was a store bought sweater, LOL.

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