Keeping Calm and continuing to cast on all the things!

But very soon I will no longer be able to Keep Calm if my queue doesn’t stop growing! Ack! In the past week I have gotten a call for two hats, joined a test knitting project for a hat, decided to make hats for my great nieces and nephews, 1 done-4 to go, pulled the Cabled Wrap out of purgatory, and I am taken by the urge to cast on for a sweater AND a shawl! Actually, I want to cast on a ton of sweaters, but will only allow 1 to be started. And then I have to fit in a poncho that is uber long and fringed. Why, oh why do I open my mouth and say, “yes” or “that’s a great idea”.

Towards my desire to knit Woodstove I at least got 2 skeins of the yarn out of the closet. I don’t need the entire batch, so to avoid trashing my knitting niche even further I will just keep a few on hand. I brought all the Jo Sharp Silk Road DK down from the closet for the Cabled Wrap, but I need to coral it somewhere out of sight or reach from the pup. He grabbed one out of the knitting basket this weekend while we were gone. He doesn’t destroy them anymore, just lets me know he can take them when he wants.

And since I always need an easy knit on hand for sitting and waiting or watching sports, I got another hat done for babies of a local hospital.

imageYarn: Ella Rae leftovers
Pattern: Magic Coffee Bean Hat

I need to ask the nurses at the hospital if the sizing is good. It says it is a newborn size on the pattern, but it’s so hard to tell when you don’t have a babe around to try it on.

Tomorrow I will show the hat for the 1st great-niece. It’s just adorable! One of my favorite patterns, Ava Beret. I hope to have enough yarn to make three from the Cascade Heritage I have. I got three out of the yarn I used for the ones I made in February.

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