Wednesday Thanks

Like every other American Knit Blogger I must acknowledge the upcoming holiday with my list of thanks. My list may be small but I think it covers it all.

I thank God for being right where he wants me to be, where my gifts and talents can be used for him. I only hope that I do a better job of honoring him by loving more, doing more for others, and obeying him.

Now, the knitting, which I am really thankful for!

This sweet hat will either grace the head of GNiece #1 or #2. It is in the hands of the youngest since she is here in town. Once I know how it fits her I will know how big or little to make the 2nd one. I just love this pattern!!


Pattern: Ava Beret
Yarn: Cascade Heritage Sock in Fuchsia and Cascade Heritage Handpainted in Dahlia

The body is knit with the Knit 1 Below method which creates a pronounced V stitch. The pattern calls for hand spun, but it doesn’t tell you if the hand spun is fingering or heavier. Considering they decrease for the body I assume it is thicker. So I just used the yarn doubled and knit this one on 80 sts throughout.

The MC is used for the row of K1, K1below. The CC is used to purl 1 row. Alternating these two rows creates a neat effect. I was afraid the variegated would get muddy since it’s held double, but it still worked.

I counted last night and I actually have 10 hats to do before/after Christmas. 2 of the 10 are done and 1 was cast on last night. Of course, I only have the yarn for 2 of the remaining 8, so shopping at WEBS is about to happen.

I also counted the number of hats I have made this year and the total is 50. 36 for charity and 14 for family and friends. 80% of these hats were preemie to newborn in size, so they go quick. I knit 37 hats in 2014, and only a few of them were charity bound. I hope to continue this effort next year and use up all those scraps and odd balls!

Now, go prep for your Turkey Day if you live in the States. And then sit down to read some great blog posts at the following links.

Life and Yarn


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Thanks

  1. I think that is going to make the recipient very happy. I am so thankful for my knitting as well. Besides the stress relief it provides, I get nice things to wear and give, and I have made so many great friends both in real life and blog life because of it.

  2. You are amazing – so many hats!
    The stitch pattern of this one looks lovely. I like the thickness and depth of it. It will keep a little head warm and pretty throughout any snowstorm!

  3. Love that pattern…I’m trying to decide if I have enough time in three weeks to make hats for my class…I’d crochet them, as it’s faster for me…or make little ami’s

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