Friday thankFulness

What a wonderful Thanksgiving we had. We were able to see our niece and her family in from Pittsburgh. Such wonderful memories we create when together. My SIL makes an awesome spread so that makes the day even better! This year we were missing an important part. My MIL became ill on Saturday and by Tuesday she was in need of major help. So off to the hospital she went. Pneumonia is the diagnosis. I tried to send her tons of photos and videos so she could see the little ones.

The photos I was overjoyed to get were of the Great-N C-Man and his new blanket. The first one I knit him did not survive his babyhood, so it was fairly ragged. I knit him a 2nd blanket, but it never replaced the ragged one. And then the ragged one was lost this summer. So 5 years later another “green one” was made, almost exactly like the 1st one. I think it was a hit.


Yarn: Cascade Pacific
Pattern: Prairie Blanket

Then off to the 2nd celebration of the day at my Brother’s house. The draw for me there is the homemade dumplings my sister, and now nieces and daughters, rolls out. I had a plate of them all by themselves! Oh, and my 2nd slice of pumpkin pie. And then we watch movies in the theater room. This year it was The Mummy, with Brendan Fraiser. Can you believe they are trying to remake it with Tom Cruise!!! Yuck! I will boycott it if so.

In finishing news for this Friday I have another…….hat. Of course I do. It’s probably going to be hats for the next 3 weeks as I have 7 more to go.


Yarn: Dye Cauldron DK in Regatta
Pattern: Unpublished at this time

This is a test knit that will be published soon. Not to worry about a spoiler since she has photos posted on her blog. Creative stuffing produced the side shots. I think the one on the left looks like a spaceship!

Now head over to iknead2knit to see what finishes others are flashing!


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