Keep Calm and Have Fun!!!

Knitting is for fun, not work. Enjoy the knitting and life! I am trying to hold to that thought myself. LOL!

So, more hats. Geesh, can I do nothing but hats? Well, yes, and I will prove it on Wednesday. But for today, it’s hats.

 imageThis is the 2nd Ava Beret for my Great Nieces. This one will be mailed to Pittsburgh as soon as I get the yarn for her big brother’s hat.

The rest of this yarn will be used for another Ava Beret, but I am inverting the colors, so the solid will be floating above the variegated. Now, if only I can find the bag with the project! I had it Sunday, but now it’s missing. Likely it’s in my car.

Hopefully that will use up the rest of this yarn. I need to use up all those skeins I keep buying.

imageThe next hat is Baa-ble and is just sooo cute!! I posted this on my FB looking for the first respondent to my post to be the lucky recipient. A fellow online knitting friend won the day. So this will be making it’s way to New Mexico to warm L’s head. She is hoping to learn stranding and is eager to get her hands on the hat to dissect it.

Now, to determine what to knit next. I think it will be the minion hat since I have yarn for it. I thought I would have to buy yarn, but the recipient wants it to be pink and purple, and I just happen to have some of that left from the roositud hat. I will just need to use the elastic thread to keep the brim stable since the bamboo in the Frog Tree Meriboo doesn’t hold it’s spring very well. But ooooohhh so soft it is!

How are you keeping calm in this run up to Christmas? I just seem to get last minute requests for hats, so that’s where I am at. 3 hat commissions and 1 sewn bag request all came in this past week. At least these items are doable and quick. Maybe I will find time after them to start that next sweater. Wait, I still haven’t decided which one I will knit!!


4 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Have Fun!!!

  1. I’m NOT taking orders this year! Last year I had 10 that ALL came in the month of December on top of all the stuff I was doing already for Christmas gifts AND working about 60 hours a week. I kind of lost it. So this year I’m simply not taking them. 🙂

  2. Cute baa-ble! I am trying to stay clear of that pattern! Still remembering all those Rudolph hats I made last year. Clearly I have an addictive nature when it comes to cute hat patterns.

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