November Recap

Wow, I can’t believe the last recap is almost here,  just one more month and then I start all over! And with a few commission pieces I am going to have to buy yarn and there goes my totals for the year! I was trying soooo hard! Oh well, there’s always next year, right? At least all the yarn I order will be used up, or as much as I possibly can knit up before the end of December. Since all are slated to be Christmas items, I HAVE to get them done in time.

Totals are…..
Knit up: 2495 yards and 11 skeins
Bought: 1907 yards and 6 skeins
A difference of 588 less yards added to stash and 5 less skeins in the stash.

YTD totals are…..
Knit up: 16,270 yards and 77 skeins
Destashed 907 yards and 4 skeins
Total: 17,177 yards and 81 skeins
Bought: 12,218 yards and 54 skeins
A difference of 4,959 less yards and 27 less skeins of yarn in my stash!!!

Bunches of hats this month, again, but favorite finish has to be my Autumn Sweater!! Which I have worn about 6-7 times since finishing it.


And the rest of the finishes compiled for space.


The young one wearing the blue hat was so excited to get the hat. She knew nothing about it as I knit it as a test and just had it to gift. She was so cute with her repeated thanks for the hat. That and my nephew’s reaction to his replacement blanket make the knitting all worthwhile!

Goals for December:

  1. Commission Hat #1 in white and black for school colors.
  2. Commission Hat #2 in white and blues for hockey team colors.
  3. 3 Skoufaki Hats for the Great-nephews for Christmas.
  4. Minion Hat in Pink and Purple for a baby.
  5. Headband for a friend in Purple and Orange.
  6. Start  Celtic Myths Shawl for me.
  7. Start a cabled sweater for me. Maybe Jurisfiction or Rustique (I know, I planned to cast on Woodstove, but these take a lot of yardage and I have a lot of it to spare, so better to use most all of it instead of more than half of it)

And that is it! I am sure I will add more hats throughout the month, baby and preemie are so quick and easy. But there are already enough on that list up there, so I will just try to not put too much on my shoulders at such a busy time of the year. Now, onward and upward!


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