Wednesday Wonderings

Wondering what to knit next. Wondering if I still have that Arans and Celtics book signed by Nancy Marchant? Wondering when I will get the yarn order I just placed. Wondering if I can get the hats on my list done by Christmas. Wondering how Diva Girl can get out on that diving board and flip in all directions after only joining the dive team 4 weeks ago*. Wondering how much knitting I will get done at all these swim meets I will be attending now. Wondering if the felted clogs will fit the feet of the recipient.

Umpteenth pair of clogs finished. It’s been a bit since I have made a pair. But it doesn’t take long to get back in the swing of things. But I did mess up and bought 2 skeins of the upper color and 1 of the sole. So I had to do a bit of adjusting. I would have just used the purple color if not for the fact I ran out on the joining of the two soles. So I added the gray in and just used it to make the bumper. Oh well, it looks like it was meant to be that way.



I am always amazed at the difference in size between unfelted and felted. The magic of felting is just, well, magical!

Today is knitting and feasting with friends. What fun we have each week as we gather together. This week I will deliver a commissioned piece. My bud needed a project bag for her grandson. She is buying him some items for Christmas and thought it would be great to have a coordinating bag. So this will get delivered tomorrow.

image imageMay the Force be with you!
The lining is the Star Wars title logo. It all worked so well together.

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*And never having taken a dive EVER before. Hey, she placed 2nd in her first match. Well, the 3rd team didn’t even have a diver and the other team had a diver who goes to State every year. But we are proud of her no matter!


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