Friday Fantastic!

Hope your Friday is Fantastic! Life here is so good and hopefully will continue to be that way for a long time. And with fun knitting going on, it’s even better. The latest FO is another…….hat! You guessed it. What else could it be. And it’s another Ava Beret Hat! That makes 6 this year. And that is a final on it. Even though I still have yarn left I am not making another. Time for another pattern to finish up the yarn with.


Here is a comparison with the toddler size I made for the Great-Niece.


Much prefer the coloration on the right.

Here is the reason I am waking early these days.

imageLeft: Our Mini Cooper. Center: My nephew dog, Duncan. Right: Our Notre Dame (ND)

Hard to be mad at them when they are soooo cute! But 7:30 is just too early to be up every morning. I only see one 7:30 a day and I want to keep it that way.

And thanks to Duncan I got a very good photo of the new sweater project. The true Plum color was not showing up well on my props. But his white fur was the perfect back drop.


I wondered which pattern I was going to do. I went through the books and magazines and patterns in the library and everything I liked was a pullover, not a cardigan. I know I could convert it, but I just didn’t want to deal with that. And Jurisfiction was there, calling to me. So I just went ahead and bought the pattern.

I am altering the pattern. I cast on 48 sts and will do 4″ of ribbing for a turn back cuff. Then I will increase for the cabling. I hate when designers do not understand the properties of knit fabric. When you use the same st count for the ribbing, as the cabled fabric, you end up with the ribbing being wider than the cabling. Those cables really do draw in. I will then increase for those cables so I don’t get that awful splay. I will do the same for the hem of the body.

OK, I am done. I hope your weekend is full of fun and laughter. Life is full of dips and swells, right now I am happy to be riding a swell, I pray the same for you.

Joining iknead2knit today, hop over to see who else is playing along.


2 thoughts on “Friday Fantastic!

  1. Oh my ….those faces. Looks like they are saying, “isn’t it time to get up and FEED US?”

    Duncan made a VERY good model! Your hat if really pretty. You are a master at pom pom making.

  2. Loving the Ava berets! Beautiful colors. A warm cabled cardigan sounds like a good plan. I just bought 2 sweaters worth of yarn but haven’t decided on patterns yet. So many good ones out there, but can’t justify buying any since my library shelves are full of knitting books/magazines.

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