Hat Factory

It will be a hat assembly line here for the next few weeks. I got my WEBS order of 11 skeins of DK for the 5 hats I need to churn out. I already have some yarn for the Minion Hat I need to also do. So, 6 hats in the lead up to Christmas. I will focus on the 3 hats that are commissions and then the last 3 are for the great-nephews, so they can be done whenever.

1st on the needles is a Drops pattern, Basque Hat. The yarn is Valley Yarns Superwash DK, a perfect yarn for fine gauge knitting. It’s so soft and springy. The stitch definition is beautiful and the fabric it creates is luscious. Hopefully all these hats will use up the skeins I purchased!


For my Sunday Sermon knitting I grabbed some leftovers from the Elf hats I made last Christmas. I just did a beanie style for a baby. This yarn is too thick at the gauge I knit, so the next ones will be knit on a larger needle. I hope to use up the rest of this stash with 2 more hats. It’s all about use it up!!


This past weekend was the Diva Girl’s last Christmas Dance at her high school. She looked stunning in her dress and new coat. Too bad the DJ was horrible and basically seemed to try and play as many songs that drove them from the dance floor as he could. Oh well, $480 enssemble, $20 dinner, $10 dance ticket all for no fun? Why do they even go?


Here’s the coat that she didn’t even wear into the dance because her friend needed it for coverage. And then that friend didn’t even come to the dance. Still waiting to get the coat back and if not by tomorrow I am going to the young lady’s house! Kids! No matter how many times you tell them to hold on to their own stuff, they just can’t seem to follow the rules.


I love her expression in this one. She looks so fierce! Her friend was the lone guy for the group of 6 young women that went.  I don’t know if he looks scared or not. LOL!

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8 thoughts on “Hat Factory

  1. Your hat influence is strong Chris. 11 skeins! Holy Hotpants lady you are out of control, ha!

    Your daughter looks beautiful. I love the dress and coat and the shoes. The whole thing looks excellent.

  2. That’s a lot of hats! You are very ambitious, and I wish you luck on finishing them all.
    Beautiful girl! She may think she didn’t have fun but may look back on the evening differently in a few years.

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