Friday Again?

Didn’t we just have a Friday last week? Wow, are these days flying by, or is it just me? And I can’t even say I have had a super busy week to get caught up in. It’s been fairly light compared to last week. OK, so what’s been on my list?

Hats. Yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but hats it is. Hat #1 of the 6 I need to get done by Christmas is finito. And it was so much fun. I just love it!!

image imagePattern: Basque Hat
Yarn: Valley DK Superwash

Yep, colorwork, one of my favs. OK, actually all of it is a fav, but who’s counting. This hat is for a friend’s daughter for Christmas. Just glad it was quick so I can hopefully get the other requested hat done before Monday when I will see her next.

This hat saw some modifications. The decreases interrupt the motifs so I switched them up. I am very happy with the changes. Hoping the brim holds up to wear, but I might add some elastic thread to ensure it does.

Now, the 2nd of 6 is cast on and halfway done. It is another Garn Studio hat, but not as loose in style. Colorwork again, to match the local small time hockey team in our town. We enjoy the games ourselves, but I won’t be making myself a hat. Just not a hat person.

Off to Indy for the day tomorrow to see our College Girl. She is being inducted into an academic organization this weekend. We are so proud of her drive and efforts to be the best student she can be. We are hoping her dreams come true in the area of her career. And the Diva Girl too!! What amazing young women they are becoming.

Joining iknead2knit this fine day. I hope you will join in too.


4 thoughts on “Friday Again?

  1. Another pretty colorwork hat. Have a good time with your daughter this weekend. Congrats to her on her academic accomplishments. She is going to go far!

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