Too much running makes me long to Keep Calm!!

The weekend into the beginning of the week has seen too much running! But all of the events were filled with family and friends, so it was worth it. The highlights have been going to UIndy to see our College Girl be inducted into a leadership org, Sigma Alpha Pi. This is the first year for the group on her campus and she was inducted as a Presidential Member due to her GPA. We are so proud of her! She continues to strive to be her best and garner as many experiences as she can.

Then tonight and last night is for Diva Girl and her diving. She was off a little last night, a different board than she has used at other events. Hopefully she can gain insight into the boards as she competes in this first year. We are enjoying this new to us sport and are behind her 100%. Well, we are actually up in the gallery watching from afar. It would be kind of creepy if we were on the board with her!

imageTodays offering is another…..wait for it……..hat! How did you know? A lucky guess? This was the 2nd request from my friend for her daughter. They attend our local hockey team’s games and her daughter wanted a blue hat to wear. I think this matches our team’s name perfectly! They are the Icemen so I went for a snow/icicle kind of look. I wanted to do a big white pom on it, kind of a snowball, but the girl hates pom poms! Who hates pom poms? That’s just sad. Well, I hate pom poms, for me, but love them for kids.

I dropped the hats off at her house yesterday while at a gathering of PTA Moms. So of course the talk was all about how us senior moms suck in the freshman moms and get them into PTA positions. We call them “freshmeat”!!! It’s been a long time, but I do remember being one of those “freshmeats” when my girls started school. I was finally able to get out of PTA when DG decided she didn’t want me at school. I evidently embarrass her or something? Who knew.

Be sure to come back tomorrow where I will showcase another HAT! I swear, just 3 more and I am done for the year!!! And I have been doing a little knitting on my sweater sleeve, just waiting until these hats are done to focus on it.

imageI just love the look of the cables. I am increasing along the sides in pattern and not in ribbing as the pattern calls for. And I must say, I am actually keeping very precise on the increase rows and have ripped back very little. Of course, now I just jinxed myself, so who knows what will happen.

The cuff is 4″ long so I can turn it up. That extra comes in handy when you have cold hands! I noticed that a blogger I read had it in her faves on Ravelry, so I bought her a copy.

I was spreading the joy I received from having this pattern gifted to me by Autumngeisha. What a sweet surprise!!! And her note was spot on, she mentioned my penchant for baby knitting. And with 3 slated to appear in 2016, I am already looking for patterns. One down, only 2 patterns left to search out.

OK, enough blather from me. Check out how others are staying Calm in the lead up to Christmas.


7 thoughts on “Too much running makes me long to Keep Calm!!

  1. Chris that hat is darling! When I get up enough nerve to try colorwork I am going to drive you crazy asking questions. I have placed and order and am waiting for yarn for the sweater pattern that you gifted me. It’s going to be a steel blue. I cannot wait to start it! Your sweater sleeve looks lovely! I thought we were supposed to embarrass our children! We are parents after all! LOL Have a lovely week/weekend sweetie!

  2. What a beautiful hat! You definitely capture the Icemen spirit in it! Your hat game is strong Chris. Love the pattern AG gifted you. A very sweet gift from another fabulous knitter.

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