The Wednesday Whimsy

Today is one of my favorite days of the week. It’s my knitting day with my buddies. Today I plan on picking up one of these items if they have them in stock. I have heard they are very good at what they do. And my sweaters are seeing some use which causes a little fuzzing going on. Time for a little shaving!

imageToday’s hat is for my great-nephew who moved to Pittsburgh recently. Right now the temps aren’t much different than NC where they moved from. But the temps will drop and he will need a cozy hat. I used the chart from Let It Snow Ear Flap, but just made it a beanie.

The yarn is Valley DK Superwash and it’s just so soft. I have 2 more hats to make with the yarn I bought recently. The next ones will just be striped with 3 colors. Simple and easy for this winding down to Christmas. I don’t need to gift them until Christmas Eve, so it’s no biggie.

The pom-pom is huge! Hope it doesn’t make his head too heavy to hold up. LOL! But I think it just makes the hat.

When I finish a hat that I alter I always end up thinking I would do it differently if done again. This one would see the striping bands brought up out of the ribbing and placed closer to the motif at top and bottom. But I didn’t care enough to rip it back to change.

Go make the rounds and see what others are enjoying this day. The usual suspects are hosting.

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14 thoughts on “The Wednesday Whimsy

  1. That is an adorable hat! The weather has been really crazy here in Maine. It has been in the 50’s, no snow, and it is very strange! I’m actually kind of worried about how January-March will be since it has been so mild!

  2. I love it! Such a super cute and winters hat!! We just need some snow and frost now 😉 we have had a bit of it in October but really warm weather ever since. Good luck and have fun with the other hats!

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