December Mid-Recap

Yesterday I was a bad girl. It’s all Joann’s fault. Not the person, the company. I got a coupon for $20 off $75 purchase. It included sale items. I decided I need a red sweater, since I don’t have one. So off to see if they have red yarn. They did. I bought 6 skeins for the Woodstove Season sweater I want to make. And the buttons!! I love them. BOGO on the buttons!! I plan to use the two to close the sweater a la blueknit’s kid’s version.


And then the yarn I thought I had for a purple and pink minion decided to remind me it doesn’t do well as a hat. Bamboo and merino blend. So I just picked up some cheap worsted. But what the heck am I going to do with the remaining 300+ yards I do not know. Lots of pink and purple charity hats for sure.


So this all bring me to confession time. It ain’t pretty.

Mid Month Totals are…..
Knit up: 1058 yards and 6 skeins
Bought: 3173 yards and 19 skeins
Looks like I am ending the year with a bang! And not in a good way. I added 2115 yards and 13 skeins so far this month. Hoping I can knit up a bit of that before the end of the month. But this is a busy time of year and my evening knitting suffers due to parties!!! But I much prefer the parties!

YTD totals are…..
Knit up: 17,328 yards and 84 skeins
Destashed 907 yards and 4 skeins
Total: 18,235 yards and 88 skeins
Bought: 15,391 yards and 73 skeins
A difference of 2844 less yards and 15 less skeins of yarn in my stash. I am hoping I can get those totals up. I only have 15 days to accomplish that. I surely am done buying yarn this year? Right?

Goals for December:

  1. Commission Hat #1 in white and black for school colors. Done!
  2. Commission Hat #2 in white and blues for hockey team colors. Done!
  3. 3 Skoufaki Hats for the Great-nephews for Christmas. 1 done, but I didn’t do a Skoufaki.
  4. Minion Hat in Pink and Purple for a baby. Bought the yarn
  5. Headband for a friend in Purple and Orange. Delayed until January
  6. Start  Celtic Myths Shawl for me. Nada
  7. Start a cabled sweater for me. Maybe Jurisfiction or Rustique I picked Jurisfiction and am close to the 1st sleeve done. Yippee!

FOs so far

3 from the list and 2 extras for charity

I will do a December Recap on the 31st and then in the first week of January I plan to do a best/worst of 2015 and look back on my plans from the start of the year to the end. And then make my “promises” for 2016. It’s always fun to look back and realize I did nothing I  planned!


4 thoughts on “December Mid-Recap

  1. Those Joann coupons are dangerous. But I can’t blame you for succumbing to those pretty buttons and that perfect shade of red yarn. I have several balls of it in my stash, too. Probably enough for a Christmas sweater.

  2. You deserve a treat, especially with all that great charity knitting you do. I giggle every month when you math out your knits and yarn. hehe. Those coupons are dangerous! Can’t wait to see this latest acquisitions knit up!

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