I am back in the land of the living!!!

I am back in the Mac!!! Thank you Hubster for my early Christmas present! A new Mac Book Pro. I have been struggling with an old Acer, about 7 years old, after my 9 year old Mac died. I have not been a happy camper, but have tried to be patient since I really can’t claim I needed a new computer. It was purely a want not a need. But the sweetheart has been too good to me and now I am trying to relearn/learn the new system. College Girl has a Mac Book Air that is only a few years older, so she is a big help. How I wish they still had the old system, but I understand, tech just doesn’t stay still.


At least the old knitting doesn’t have to change. It can be what I want it to be. And often it’s hats. Yep, another one. This one just flew off the needles. And I can’t say I am pleased with it, but it was a request and the one who asked for it says it’s perfect.

imagePattern is adapted from numerous sources
Yarn is cobbled from numerous sources
It’s  pink and purple Minion!!! And it’s the last one I will ever make.

 In other knitting, the 1st sleeve of Jurisdiction is done. I have a neat trick I want to share with you, but that’s for another day. I am off to learn more about my new Mac!

4 thoughts on “I am back in the land of the living!!!

  1. Have fun with your new “toy”. I just bought a new laptop. There has been a bit of a learning curve, but oh my all the things it can do!

    Happy computing!

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