We are all under the same roof!

All the chicks are home and here for the next bit. Mid January is Elder’s return to school, so we have lots of time to enjoy the family togetherness. Last night was supposed to be a family basketball event, but Hubster scored a few tickets to hockey, so we ditched the basketball game and went to watch the Icemen. Of course Diva Girl went to the basketball game with her buds, definitely not interested in hanging with us!  Either way I knit on a hat.

imageBut the hat making isn’t over yet. I still have 1 more intended hat to make. I want to gift my great-nephews with hats for an extra Christmas present. 1 is done, the 2nd will be finished in time for Christmas Eve. I went for the family’s favorite baseball team colors. The Cardinals get our loyalty around here. And I just love the color combo I chose. The pattern is Skoufaki, an easy 3×2 rib. I don’t prefer the decrease method, purls instead of knits. I will likely redo that for the 2nd hat. And I plan to mix up the color sequence so they won’t be mixed up between the two boys.

Now to settle in for the day and make sure my Christmas prep is going as planned. I have a few people left to buy for, but I am just getting gift cards for most, so that means driving to the various locations and getting out of the car. I hate going the card route, but when your parents have all they need, I know they will get more enjoyment out of restaurant cards, instead of one more item of clothing or golf balls.

Now take yourself off and enjoy your day. What a wonderful time of year we are in. The hope of the World came down to Earth and a Savior was born. We gather with family and friends to celebrate and give gifts to show our love. How wonderful would it be if all the world was in the same mode right now. Peace on Earth, such a lovely idea.


3 thoughts on “We are all under the same roof!

  1. Very cool hat —- and if you don’t happen to be a Cardinals fan —- you could always root for the Canadiens!!!!! 😉 (Said the Philadelphia Phillies fan!)

  2. I hope these finishing touches for the holidays come together for you easily. I’m happy your family is all together to enjoy the holidays and each other. Sending you some peace 🙂

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