Really?! Seriously?!

I am loving the Jurisdiction knit. It’s intuitive, lovely, the yarn is nice, so much good about it. So as I prepared to start a post for Wednesday I took the finished sleeve and the current back piece to get creative with my photograph. And noticed a horrible thing!!! See if you can figure it out.


In this photo it is very subtle, how I wish it were subtle in real life.

Need more visuals? How about this,


ETA: Or this?


Now, it’s harder to tell between the 1st and 3rd skein, but each of these skeins is marked with the same dye lot and color number. Yet all three of them are different!!

The sleeve was knit with 2 skeins that match the center skein. The back is being knit with the left skein. I have a few pieces knit up into a failed sweater with the color that matches the left skein. How have I not noticed this before now?

So what to do? Remaining calm is not an option, and that was yesterday’s missed post anyway. I have enough yarn between the remaining skeins and the failed sweater pieces to make the sweater. I think. I’m mean, I fairly sure. About 85% sure. But all that sleeve knitting! I could just carry on and then over-dye the sweater. I could just reknit the sleeve. And that actually isn’t a bad thing because I could size up the sleeves to XL to allow more room. The one knit is fine, but maybe a size up would be better. Doing nothing is not an option, I want this sweater!


18 thoughts on “Really?! Seriously?!

  1. I thought it was hard enough to get matching dye lots in enough sweater quantity, but to have the same dye lot vary so much isn’t fair. I think Paton’s is due a letter of complaint…

  2. Oh I’m sure you must be so disappointed. You have very beautiful knitting though. Yes, I would be speaking with Paton’s. I am sure they would like to know about this mistake as well.

  3. I couldn’t see it until you put the skeins next to each other, but even that it seems really subtle. I don’t know … I’m so frustrated for you. I want to say nothing, but if you know and it bothers you I’m going to have to tell you to re-knit it … Boo!
    Upset on your behalf.

  4. ooooh dear, i did not see the problem in the first image, but it is obvious in the second. i have never had this happen and i have no idea what you should do now. perhaps it won’t be obvious, perhaps the different shades will make it unique!!

  5. Paton’s going to get massive bunches of coal in their stockings for doing that to you. I would definitely contact them. There’s no excuse for a big company sending out things as being in the same dye lot that clearly are not.

    I’ve been in a similar situation. I recommend reknitting the sleeves in the shade that matches the rest of the sweater. There’s no guarantee that overdying the sweater will bring everything together. If the finished product has any mis-matches, you’ll always look and it and always know. The extra work is worth having something that you’ll enjoy in the end. (I ended up tossing my sweater out, by the way.)

  6. Oh nooo that’s so frustrating! Maybe you could leave it a while and go back when you have more patience for it? I’d definitely be throwing it into a heap and walking away at this point! 🙂

  7. Aaaaarrrgggghhhh. I would be screaming and sobbing over this. I am so sorry as your knitting looks beautiful. I agree with Elise, maybe leave it and revisit – although I am such a completer / finisher I find it hard to take this advice and get a bit of project fatigue which is a shame as knitting is meant to be for fun. Looks like a fun pattern. Merry Christmas to you and yours

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