Wednesday Year’s End

The last Wednesday WIP post of the year. And it’s fitting that it shows the last hats of the year. Well, I say the last hats, you never know with me, sometimes I just whip out a hat for no reason. But I am “intending” to knit on the sweater for the remainder of the year. Wait, it’s not 2016 yet, I can’t intend, I need to say Enough. I have made enough hats this year. 64 to be exact. 42 were charity hats, the others went to those I know in real life.

The last 4 hats were made using leftover skeins of Frog Tree Meriboo. It’s a Merino Bamboo blend that is just soon soft! What better yarn for little newborns? And it’s washable, so no problem cleaning it for the new moms.


Pattern: Simple Baby Hat
Yarn: Frog Tree Meriboo

I have enough for 1 more hat from each color. But those will wait for the new year. I intend to knit on that sweater! Remember the one, the mismatched yarn sweater? I am trying to not let my snit about the yarn derail my project. I think I am going to make the other pieces and then see what the odd sleeve looks like against the rest. I also will look at it outside to see if the mismatch is more or less obvious. Another trick, stand across the room and see if it’s noticeable. I always used that trick when picking fabrics for quilting. If you can’t see the contrast from across the room the fabrics weren’t a good combo.


The color is more a purple than a burgundy in real life.

I am 4 rows past 2 repeats. I don’t even want to know how many more repeats I have to do on the back. I am just ignoring the whole thing.

Check with the links below to see how others are finishing out their year. And A Happy New Year to all!!
Life and Yarn

I’ll leave you with a collage of our skies the other day. Fierce winds moved clouds through swiftly, and the different sky lines were just stunning. These 4 photos were taken to the east, north, west, and south of our neighborhood as we drove home.



7 thoughts on “Wednesday Year’s End

  1. That is quite a year-end total for hats! 64 lucky recipients of your hat knitting skills and kindness.
    Good job not giving into the sweater knitting gremlins. The cables are looking beautiful. Happy New Year!

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