2015 Recap

A quick post to look back at my year in knits.

First finished knit of the year

imageLomond Hat

Last finished knit of the year, actually 4 of them


Least favorite knit of the year


Favorite knit of the year, can I have 2?

image  Autumn Sweater and Mr Collins

Most repeated knit

imageAva Beret, 3 in February and 3 in November

Now, to remind myself that I don’t do goals well, I am not going to set resolutions or goals for 2016. I like what iknead2knit is planning to do. Intentions. I will make intentions in regards to my knitting.

My intentions are:

  1. Knit more for myself. Hmm, that seems to be a theme with me at the beginning of the year, but it quickly goes south.
  2. Learn a new technique. No clue what this might be at this time, but I will keep my eyes open for something.
  3. No deadlines! OK, so a few baby items will be made this year. But I will endeavor to stay ahead of delivery dates.
  4. Knit up more stash than I buy.

And that’s it. Simple and easy, I hope.

Word of the Year. Hmm, again, I suck at stuff, so looking back, did I hold true to my word of 2015? It was Enough. I wanted to help myself remember that whatever I accomplished was enough. That I wasn’t going to push myself. I think I did OK on this endeavor. But then again, I ended up adding lots of knitting to my plate through charity knitting and baby knitting. I have 3 baby items to knit for next year, so far. This year I am going to keep it to very close ties, not just knit for everyone I hear of who is expecting. Charity knitting will continue to be important, especially if it uses up stash. But no buying yarn to knit charity hats this year.

So, do I have a word for this coming year? Yes. Life. I am just going to live life. I am not going to stress it, push it, or regret it. This year brings a lot of change with our Diva Girl going to college in the fall. The house will be quieter. The events will be cut in half, or maybe Hubster and I will find other events to enjoy with each other. It will be a chance for us to learn what we want to do. So life, it will be lived to the fullest!


3 thoughts on “2015 Recap

  1. I’m pretty much doing the same thing, especially the first point – I never seem to knit for myself and I have no idea why! I have some yarn ready to go so a scarf and a cardigan might be among my January projects 🙂

  2. My goal was to use up my ENTIRE stash before I bought new yarn. And then I found 5 skeins of yarn on sale for $0.50 at the thrift store yesterday. So. There’s that. 🙂 Happy New Year! Here’s to new techniques!

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