December Recap

Did I end on a high note?

Knit Up: 1894 yards and 12 skeins
Bought Up: 3593 yards and 21 skeins
Ouch! 1699 yards and 9 skeins more than I wanted to add to my stash. December was definitely a bust.

So, how well did I do this year in trying to drive down the stash?

Knit Up: 18,164 yards and 89 skeins
Destashed: 907 yards and 4 skeins
Total: 19,071 yards and 93 skeins

Bought: 14,552 yards and 70 skeins
Gifted: 1259 yards and 5 skeins
Total: 15,811 yards and 75 skeins

The difference is: 3260 yards and 18 skeins less in my stash. Much better than last year where I don’t even think I broke even.

The current stash stands at 68,543 yards and 382 skeins, which includes the 2 skeins and 420 yards I added on Wednesday! Really? I couldn’t wait until the new year to buy them? Why no, I had an inspiration and just had to cast on immediately.

The cost of all this knitting for the year stands at: $624.35

I spent $549.88 in 2014, so this year I spent about $75.00 more on yarn. Not so good. I do hope I can do better next year. And really, there is no need to buy much of anything because I got some lovely items this year that I am just dying to knit with. So the intention is in 2016 to do more self knitting, not selfish, too bad a word. There’s no reason intending to knit for myself is selfish. I deserve to knit for me!

Knits finished this month: Hats, all hats! 12 of them! I suck at big things sometimes.

6 Charity and 6 for people in my life

Goals for Dec:

  1. Commission Hat #1 in white and black for school colors. Done!
  2. Commission Hat #2 in white and blues for hockey team colors. Done!
  3. Skoufaki Hats for the Great-nephews for Christmas. 1 done that’s not a Skoufaki, 2 done a la Skoufaki.
  4. Minion Hat in Pink and Purple for a baby. Done!
  5. Headband for a friend in Purple and Orange. Delayed until January. Not Done
  6. Start  Celtic Myths Shawl for me. Started, ripped out, rethinking yarn choice, cast on for a poncho instead with other yarn.
  7. Start a cabled sweater for me. Started Jurisficiton, finished one sleeve, started the back, noticed the yarn is same dye lot but different colors! Still stewing on how to deal with this issue.

A good and bad month on goals. Now to work on intentions for next month, not goals.


3 thoughts on “December Recap

  1. It takes a special kind of bravery to add up all that one spent on yarn in a year. 🙂 And hey, you used more than you bought! That’s awesome! Knitting up 89 skeins of yarn is nothing to sneeze at.

  2. I am really impressed that you keep such good track of how much you’ve knit and your acquisitions. I’m a little too chicken to do it.

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