The best year ever!

2016 has just been the best year!!! Everything is going so well, and life is good. OK, so it’s only 3 days old. We have dined well, I have knit well, laughter has been present, and the family is together. The only down side? Every other family member is trying to get me SICK! All three have progressed through a cold/migraine/nausea thing. So far I have escaped, but I fear I will succumb ere long. Fingers crossed it doesn’t visit upon me.

So, the knitting well has been on two items, Jurisfiction and my poncho. I have tried to resolve the yarn discolor issue without reknitting the sleeve, but I just see no way out. Whether indoors or out, it is different and visually apparent. So, reknitting the sleeve is the only way.

image4 repeats of the center cable pattern

The poncho is a knock off of this style, Bianca. My yarn is not the right weight, so I am just working with my gauge and duplicating the style.

imageClose to calling it halfway and start the countdown to the end.

I started the piece with a solid gray, switched to a tweedy gray and added the red. Now I think I could have just left out the solid gray and gone with the tweedy gray.

imageWhy is it so hard to photograph red!

The attempt to focus on these two knits has worked well so far. I did cast on and knit the ribbing for a charity hat, but I am restricting the charity knitting to Sunday mornings and diving events. At home and weekly group knitting will be for my stuff. When I am away from home I will work on hats since they are small and easily knit without focus.

Now I need suggestions. I am looking for a cream/natural color yarn in fingering or sport to use for a shawl for my sister. Anyone have an idea. Something not so warm as alpaca, merino for sure. I will be knitting a crescent shape, not sure yet which one. I have quite a few to choose from. I also need to determine what shawl pattern I will knit next, and which yarn I will use for it. I still want to make Celtic Myths, but have no other DK suitable yarns. I could do it in fingering, just would have to make it larger due to difference of gauge. And I have a beautiful green that has been in stash forEVER, that has a good yardage. Then again, there are other yarns just begging to be used.

Another issue with Celtic is the crescent style. I hate the little hump you get at the back neck from the cast on method. The increase on each row is what makes for the issue. I have seen the pattern altered with a half pi shape that eliminates that issue. So maybe I will use that shape instead. Will have to think on it.

Now to get back to the knitting. Hope your New Year Knits are going well. My intentions are going well so far. Here’s to continued success!


12 thoughts on “The best year ever!

  1. I saw a post on the Rainey Sisters a few months back about how to eliminate that bump. You might check there to see if the technique will work for you.
    I have a question about Jurisfiction. I can’t see the side seams, but does it begin and end with a K stitch? Will you be able to mattress stitch the side seams?

  2. I’m glad you are enjoying 2016 so much. Your positivity is just what I need, I like it! I am really liking that red and gray combination, regardless if it’s difficult to capture in photo. I like it as it’s featured 🙂

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