Yeah, that yarn not buying thingie….

…….it’s busted. And it’s only 5 days into the year! How could I have fallen so low?! I have taken steps to prevent yarn buying. I have unsubbed from email alerts to WEBS and other marketers. I am dropping all FB likes that involve yarn and patterns. Although there are 2 companies that I will not drop, Forbidden Woolery and a not so local yarn shop.

Now, knitting in a yarn shop once a week isn’t good for the wallet, but I do try to support the shop since they let us knit there every week. I know I will get to shop there this month because it’s my birthday month and one of my presents will be a gift cert, thank you mom!, so I wasn’t going to completely go cold sheep, just tepid sheep?

But none of those suppliers gave me my fix! So just what was my downfall? Another local nook that has knitting. I usually sew on Tuesday mornings at church, but with a recent family injury my cohort was unavailable. So that meant I could join my friend at her shop nook. There is an old downtown building that houses several shops and boutiques and she has her corner in the front window. They have a lot of hand made goods and the shop owners meet there every Tuesday to create. This week I joined them.

And of course I just had to look at her corner since she has some things on sale. And with a baby blanket knit needed in April I thought it a good idea to shop the sale. And so I did.

imageKraemer Yarns Perfection in Spring Rhyme
Pattern: Newborn Baby Blanket

Plans are to make a larger square and throw some cables in a la this beauty. I almost bought a tan color to really duplicate the beauty, but the mom likes green, just hope this color green is in her range. They are not discovering  the gender so baby colors were not possible, and I really hate baby pastels!

While at the shops I worked on Jurisdiction, getting closer to the arm hole shaping!! Just about 1.5 repeats away from that point.

imageNot a lot of difference from yesterday’s photo

I am still enjoying this knit. Sometimes I easily tire of cables, but so far this is keeping my interest. But maybe my tune will change after I have to knit the 3rd sleeve! After the back I will do a sleeve, then a front, then another sleeve and finally the last front. That way I might not get too sick of sleeves.

OK, enough of my long winded drivel, go see what others are getting accomplished this week. I just love the sharing nature of knitters!
Life and Yarn


21 thoughts on “Yeah, that yarn not buying thingie….

  1. I’ve done the same subscription pruning; is it working? Not so much. I am incapable of passing up anything with merino printed on the tag!

  2. Falling off the yarn wagon isn’t so bad. I only made it to the 4th. LOL But, at least you have a plan for YOUR yarn. Mine went straight into the stash.

  3. I think, if at the end of the year your total mileage is less than it was on Jan 1, then you are still successfully Cold Sheeping! (Right? Right?! Dear lord, I hope so…)

    1. That’s why WEBS had to go. I often bought more to get to that free shipping point, or discount, or just because, or “but it’s soon pretty”. Yeah, no will power!

  4. Lovely knitting and beautiful new yarn – I totally understand 🙂 Is that a lovely little cross stitch scissor keep I spy? Beautiful!

    1. I can’t remember where I started hearing cold sheep, but it perfectly represents our dilemma! Thank you for the forgiveness, I just hope I can keep everyone’s trust. 😆

  5. Ohhhhh, it is tough walking into a yarn shop and walking out empty handed. I always tell my friends it is easier to pass by chocolate then yarn!
    However, the green is simply perfection!

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