WrapUp Friday/Flash Your Craft

This week has seen steady knitting, but nothing done. Active projects are large, so they aren’t getting done anytime soon.

Knock off poncho: Have seen two version of this style out in knit land, but both were made using different gauge yarn than what I wanted to use. So I found a pattern a la the style in my gauge and I am improvising. I will be adding the same ribbing pattern to the bottom edge once I sew the shoulder seam of the top edge. I might even do a small edging around the neckline to reduce the curl.

Paton’s Classic Wool in Red and Gray with some Newton’s Country Yarn
unknown fiber purchased at a Stitches Midwest show in 2011.

Really want this done! Not sure why, but I am so eager to wear this. And with the cold temps finally making landfall here in the Midwest, it is a possibility!

Jurisfiction is not much further along, maybe a row or two since I last photographed it. My knitting has been tied to activities that don’t allow for a lot of concentration, so I am prone to pick up the poncho instead of this.

Pattern: Jusrisfiction
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool

Other than busting my cold sheep desires* for the year, I have at least been following my intentions for the year. Knit what I want, when I want! And so far 2016 is still the best year ever!

Posting at Wrap Up Friday and Flash Your Craft this week.

*I am not expecting that I will totally go cold sheep this year, but I really would like to be more cold sheep than tepid sheep!!!


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