Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Who would have believed I would make it to 55? Surely not me in my 20’s. I was so sure I would burn up by 35! LOL. Just too much staying out late, lack of sleep, working hard, etc. But I guess marriage at 31 slowed me down.

As I contemplate my life going forward I look forward to the next phase. In 7 months we will have 2 college students, with neither living in the same city as us. We will be childless for 9 months out of the year. How will I deal with it?

I will be fine. I am so happy for these girls and their futures, that I want them to go live their lives. I miss College Girl now and will miss Diva Girl just as much. But my life needs to be lived by me, as their lives need to be lived by them. I will still be doing Mom stuff, whether 3 hours away or 14 hours (ouch!) away. Later this year it will be time for Hubster and I to start planning our days and weekends around us. We have loved being involved in all of the girls’ activities, but it will be nice to just be us again.

So this birthday has me thoughtful and excited. Sure, it’s a bigger number, but I much prefer adding those numbers to the alternative. And in my family they know that the number is definitely not what defines me. Not too long ago Hubster asked me just when I planned to grow up! Wait, don’t all women my age act like they are walking a balance beam while on a parking lot divider?

Birthday loot so far:imageThe purple dial is actually blue. Not sure why my phone camera changes blue to purple on some things.

While out with CG getting her new iPhone I found these two watches, and since they were BOGO 1/2 off I decided to pick them up for Hubster to give me. And a cutting board. LOL, he’s just so creative with the birthday gifts! Now to learn how to tell time on them both. The one with Roman Numerals is fairly easy, but the one with the missing hours is a little tricky. Good thing I always have my iPhone at hand!

imageMore pressies!

The green framed piece is a re-usable calendar College Girl made me using paint chips in my favorite color! You use a white board marker to fill in the dates and then start over the next month! The date book calendar is from Hubster, I always get a new calendar on my birthday. Hopefully these items will keep me on track this year.

I would like to wish my cousin’s wife Debbie, Bart Starr, and Mark Martin a very Happy Birthday! It’s always fun to share your birthday with a favorite cousin and with your sports idols!!! And it was even more fun getting to meet Bart Starr not long after our shared birth date one year and be able to give him a birthday card. He was surprised and very appreciative.

Now to await the yarn gift certificate that I know is coming. The yarn fumes are wafting their way to my nostrils and I am ready to dive in!!! This January birthday really does not help my no stash enhancement goals each year. But then, if it isn’t hitting my wallet does it really count?


11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!!!

  1. Happy Birthday!!! Today is my daughter & my son’s birthday! Yarn fumes….ahhhh! I hope you have an amazing day!

  2. Happy, happy birthday! Your new watches are lovely!

    Being empty nesters actually isn’t too bad. Our son recently moved from Florida to Virginia. I miss him for sure, but it’s nice doing stuff as “just us” too.

  3. Happy Birthday! You described my twenties or at least most of them. I had The Kid at 29, just in time to try and get my stuffing together if you know what I’m saying.

    Anyhow, here we are and you are living the dream. You’ve got a good life it seems lady, and a lot of good birthday loot to boot.

    Wishing you a very happy birthday. I’m okay if you want to celebrate all year. I’m still celebrating surviving my 20s 😉

  4. Happy belated birthday! Hope that it was filled with all the sweet stuff in life, including yarn 🙂 Just think of all the free time you’ll have to knit with both girls away at college!

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