Wednesday Party

So, my intention this year is to knit for me and with this first finish of the year I have accomplished that goal!!! Yippee! And I didn’t knit to a deadline, so another goal done. And while I didn’t knit purely from stash, I did use stash, so ding ding ding, we have a winner.


Please excuse the non-blocked state, I finished the bind off after Diva Girl’s diving meet, so it was late and no time to wash and block. Hopefully blocking will even out the rippled edge, which is a result of the ribbing and garter stitch merging. Oh well, if it doesn’t even out, I will just rip and reknit again!!!

And my word of the year, Life, is still being lived. Even though family cars and the dryer are trying to strangle the life out of us. LOL! Two cars lost heat this weekend, right as the snow hit! Seriously? But thanks to Hubster the heat is back and hopefully my car doesn’t have a worse problem. Now the dryer? A new belt is likely all it needs. But these little bumps will not drag me down!! I will rejoice and find the thrill in everything. Now, go find your joy!

Life and Yarn


23 thoughts on “Wednesday Party

    1. I used this pattern as a guide, and just altered it to fit my idea. My gauge didn’t give me quite the width I wanted so I ended up adding a ribbing, which I love now that it’s done!

  1. You are lucky to have a husband that is a fix-it kind of guy. My husband can do many good things, but his answer to broken things is “call somebody”. LOL Glad you have heat back in your car. Even here in Florida, the heat is ON!

    Your shawl looks lovely and WARM!!! Congrats on a beautiful finish!

  2. Oh your poncho looks great now and will look even more amazing after blocking I’m sure. There’s a funny t-shirt I saw once that said “That s**t will block right out.” I’d never wear it myself but I laughed heartily at the sentiment and the power we all hope blocking has over our knitting.

  3. The poncho looks great – even unblocked. What a great attitude you have about the mechanical problems you’ve had lately. We had a clunky-sounding (house) heater last week, but this week we’re enjoying the effortless hum of warmth filling our home. Feeling thankful.

    1. Thanks! It was so wearable all day.
      I figure if I don’t stay positive I will just sit down and cry!! With 1 in college, junior, and 1 on her way in Sept, and both going to private colleges, these issues always seem to flair up just when we think we are out in front!!! Oh well, it’s just money. Hahahaha!!!!!

  4. What a beautiful poncho! I kind of like the ruffled edge. I have to re-block a cardigan that I knit because the front panels are two different lengths. I KNOW they have the same # of rows. LOL.

    1. I am beginning to think my 3 for 4 pick up on edges is too much. I am trying to figure out a ratio that works better for me. Or maybe I will have to go down 2 needles to help prevent the splay and ruffle. But blocking helped a bit.

    1. Thank you! I am hoping my child gives me back my cream, black, and red plaid shirt so I can try it on top of that. But she claims she has no idea where it is. I told her to look under all her piles of clothes, to which she replied, they aren’t piles they are spread all over so she doesn’t have to search to the bottom of the piles!!! Kids, got to love them, right? I mean, we can’t just kick them out of the house.

    1. Thank you, it is soo cozy! As to the heat, with this 55 year old body I don’t usually have an issue with the cold. But the engine does not appreciate the lack of heat!

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