Flashing the Weekly Wrap Up

So, this happened this week….

imageAnd I love it!

Yarns used are Patons Classic Wool in Red and a yarn I purchased from Newton’s, a mix of gray and red with a slight crimped texture. I really like the mix of the colors. I loosely followed the sizing but changed the stitch pattern. I knit it to 62″ long with ribbed edges and alternating stripes. Once seamed along a straight edge I decided it needed more depth so I added 4″ ribbing along the open edge to finish it off. I have since blocked it and the rippling is reduced. I just love it!

Also this week saw 2 new cast ons since I had finished something. Now, if your math doesn’t add up, don’t worry, it’s the new math!!! 1 done = 2 new, really, it does. College Girl expressed a desire for boot cuffs, so back to a tried and true pattern and yarn. And then I started a baby blanket I need for April. I won’t know the gender, but found out green is a favorite color for momma, so green it is!

imageBlanket Pattern: A knock off
Yarn: Perfection by Kraemer
Pattern: Entangled Boot Cuff
Yarn: Ella Rae Superwash

There was no pattern info at the site that I could figure out, so I am knocking it off with some alterations. I am doing a 8 stitch 10 row cable in each column, but off-setting them between adjacent columns. 12 row garter at top and bottom, 8 st garter on sides. I am hoping this produces a gentle, soft cable. Staggering them will give me some interest between all those boring rows. I was thinking to do a knit row on the right side with a knit 8 purl 1 on wrong side, but figured the ability to remember that would be hard. Considering I planned a slip 1 at the beginning of each row and I keep forgetting, it’s not surprising I might not remember what I was doing!

On the boot cuffs I am struggling with the Ella Rae splitting as I try to twist the cables. It’s more on the back cables than the front twists, but it’s annoying!

So, that’s my week in review. In “Life”: 1 dive competition down, 1 tomorrow. The girl is still adding dives to her repertoire and loving it! We are still nervous as she goes off the board, but getting used to it. 1 hockey game down, 1 tomorrow. 1 birthday celebration down, 1 on Sunday. My intentions are still being carried out and my life word is still being held close. The other night I had a hockey game with the family or choir practice. I first said no to the game, but then reconsidered. With College Girl headed back to school this weekend I felt it better to spend time with the family. So glad I did. Life, it is meant to be lived to the fullest!

 Flash your Finishes party!! 


4 thoughts on “Flashing the Weekly Wrap Up”

  1. Lovely stuff! So, according to your formula, since I finished a pair of socks (technically two projects), I should cast on four new projects??? 😋😋😋

  2. The wrap came out great….and loving the boot cuff…I love the look of cables, haven’t felt the love when making cables..

  3. Love the pattern on those boot cuffs.

    I’m holding tight to my word too — I frogged out the blanket I was knitting. I really HATED knitting it. So, even though I liked the look, I knew I would never finish it. The yarn will be repurposed for charity hats.

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