Stashed Sunday

I hope I won’t have a lot of these posts this year, but it might be fun to post what I stashed recently to keep myself motivated to NOT stash!  The last two weeks have been fairly light in stash enhancement. And the stashing was done intentionally, with projects in mind or needed.

First up was the purchase for a baby blanket I need in April. But since it’s for College Girl’s professor I need to have it done by March so she can return it to Indy after her Spring Break. Since I am flying by the seats of my pants on the pattern, I thought it prudent to start now and work through any issue my creativity brings up.


The yarn is Perfection by Kraemer. I used this yarn last year to make a scarf for one of the teachers at Diva Girl’s school. The make up is 30% Merino and 70% Acrylic. It doesn’t have quite the springiness of 100% wool, but it does have a nice hand and with the proper or slightly looser gauge it would make a very soft fabric. So far it has been very good with cabling, but I have only done 2 rows, so it may give me troubles later. 100 grams yields 200 yards, so it’s a good put up for $8.50*.


The next item is no longer in ball form, I am just casting off the last few yards in the boot cuffs I am making CG. Ella Rae Superwash 100% wool is my go to for worsted baby items, or for items I know the recipient will not be able to care for properly. CG requested cream boot cuffs so I picked up a skein at knitting on Wednesday. I love the hand of the yarn, but finding it VERY splitty for the cabling. Not sure I appreciate a higher priced wool yarn being less satisfactory than a lower priced blend. But ultimately the cuffs will be adorable and the yarn will have done it’s job. I was hoping I could have picked up a heather instead of the solid, but no dice on the inventory. The put up is 219 yards at $10.50, so it is a good value. I have found that some colors are a little rougher in texture than others, but not really sure why.

So far this year my cost of crafting is $31.23. I purchased 3 balls of Perfection, 1 of Ella Rae, and this pattern, would love to buy the kit, but I can stash shop instead. This coming week the stash will be a bit bigger as I have a gift cert to spend with my birthday discount, so I am making big plans. Hey, maybe I will buy yarn for the mittens pattern? I am thinking Madeline Tosh might feature big in my purchase. Off to search my pattern library for the perfect project!

*price is retail at my friend’s shop, but I got it on sale, so go me!


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