It’s a green knitting basket!

Well, the basket isn’t green, but the projects are! Baby blanket progress is happening thanks to an ice hockey game. We went with a group of friends Saturday night and since the boot cuffs were done I had nothing to knit on that was small. The blanket wasn’t far along so I just grabbed it. Got quite a bit added to it.


The green is a bit deeper than the photo shows. I am doing a 12 row 8 st cable off set between the columns. In hindsight I wish I had done just the alternate columns, I even thought about laddering the rows down and un-cabling them, but I was at the hockey game and decided it was too risky. It’s just a baby blanket, not something I am doing for pay. And it will be perfectly fine as is. It is kind of interesting with the curves undulating as they do.


Sundays are for charity hats, so I cast on a newborn size for one of the local hospitals. I am using Zara Sport from Filatura and JojoLand Fingering held double. The pattern is one I made up a few summers ago. I rib and then do a garter ridge before changing colors and doing a seed st band. Then back to starting color with a garter ridge and on to St st until the end. Nothing fancy, but something more than plain.

Next charity hat will be this one. I have some leftover Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino that I can use up doing the color band and the flower. Just need to drag it all out and bag it up for playing.

Sunday saw the last Birthday present I expect to get this year. We had lunch with my parents and MIL after church and MIL gifted me these lovelies!


Isotoner slippers in a jersey knit fabric. I love them!! My felted slippers are looking a bit bedraggled and won’t keep their shape. These can be worn outside, so for the winter they are the best option.

The weekend has been so much fun, but it has also brought some sadness. College Girl returned to school after lunch on Sunday. Sob. This break has been fraught with issue for her, migraines and illness, but it was so much fun when things were good. We had a lot of family time and time with friends. I will miss her bunches! But I know my sister can’t wait to have her back in town. She took her out to dinner Sunday night and asked her to spend the night since school wasn’t in session today. So glad that she has someone close at hand to take care of her!!! And now off to get my day in hand.

Frontier Dreams is the place to go today!

3 thoughts on “It’s a green knitting basket!

  1. Carie

    Oh and what a nice green too! My knitting basket has been all purple for a little while but I’m gradually moving onto red. It’s funny how it goes in cycles isn’t it!

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