Are we snowed in?

All day Tuesday the warnings were broadcast. The gas pumps were pumping non stop. I didn’t brave a trip into the grocery, but I sm sure the shelves were empty. And by 11:00 pm the snow finally started. And now we are “snowed in”, well as much as our area usually gets snowed in. LOL I plan to knit all day since I won’t get to the knit shop to knit.


Today’s project was a recent request from College Girl while she was home on break. I finally realized I better get going on them the Wednesday before she was due to head back to school on the following Sunday. Eek! But boot cuffs are quick, so no worry.

I love the Entangled Boot Cuff pattern so it was natural I would revisit it. I cast on and worked on these at hockey, at home, at a diving meet, and in the car. At one point Hubster questioned if they would be done in time. Pshaw! Easy peasy. Then on Saturday morning College Girl doubted her mother’s capabilities. At that point I was on the ribbing at the end of the 2nd cuff, so I told her to shut her mouth and not disrespect her mother! And just like that, they were done.

imageEntangled Boot Cuffs
Ella Rae Super wash

And except for the lack of yarn to finish the bind off on the 2nd, they are perfect and no cables were mis-crossed in the making. But yes, I ran out of yarn at the end, so I tinked back and stole half a round from the ribbing, and still ran short. So I knotted the end yarn with the cast on excess and finished them off. Whew! I didn’t make the end ribbing as long as the pattern instructs because I wanted to get them out of 1 skein. And I succeeded, but next time, just buy more yarn!

In reading I have been doing a read along with friends. Well, mine was an audio along. It’s easier to listen and knit than read and knit. “The Choice” was the book chosen. While I didn’t love it, I didn’t hate it. I did not care for the narrator. Disliked the way he tried to emmulate a woman’s voice. I guess I found the story trite and predictable.

 So that’s my story, I’m sticking to it, what about you?
Life and Yarn


15 thoughts on “Are we snowed in?

  1. We are supposed to get snowed in this weekend. Sounds good to me. I will sit and knit and be perfectly content. I like those boot toppers. If my college girl will love those when I show her.

  2. Cracking me up, “don’t disrespect your mother …” grumble, is there enough yarn … hehe.

    I like your story. You stick to it lady. Well done making the deadline … to your daughter’s happiness. Enjoy the knit-in. Wish I could join you!

    1. Thank you. Yes, being snowed in is not a problem now that I knit!!! And don’t have littles who want to go out and play in it all the time. Wait, I do have littles, they just have their own fur coats so I don’t have to prep them for snow!!! LOL

  3. Boot cuffs! Love it! And I hope you enjoy being snowed in. We thought we would get dumped on this weekend, but it seems to be tracking south – and I can’t say I am upset about that. I’m sure we will get plenty of snow as the winter goes on (I live in Maine).

    1. We are supposed to get more on Friday, but we just might be on the edge, so who knows if it will be nothing or 5 inches! That’s why I would NEVER be a weather person, I don’t want everyone to hate me!! Hahaha

    1. The more I look at them the more I am thinking I will throw caution to the wind and make a pair for myself. but maybe a different pattern since I have made that one 3 times!

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