Friday Flash Wrap Up

This week has been full of knitting and family. Even though College Girl went back to school and Hubster was in Chicago all week, it was full of togetherness for me and Diva Girl. We had a dive meet Tuesday, she was off school due to snow on Wednesday so we did dinner and a movie*, and we will finish out the week with another dive meet. Considering she is usually at school or in her room all evening, this was a change.

Those times she was gone or I was idle I was knitting on the big projects. Baby Blanket is about 1/4th done, just 3 more skeins to add. I am loving the rhythm on this one. I can knit on it while distracted without much penalty. Sometimes I miss the knit one on the wrong side, but for the most part, it’s good.


Jurisfiction on the other hand is a no distraction, don’t mess with me, knit so I have to be alone or able to focus while in the crowd. It ends up being the watch TV knitting since I cannot read while knitting it. I am 1″ from starting the armhole shaping!!! Things will go quicker on the back at that point.

imageimageI just love that texture!!!

So, where’s the finish? Here it is. A simple baby hat that I knit on Sunday while observing Charity Knitting Sunday. Since I can usually knit a baby hat in a day, I will target Sunday for charity knitting and disclosing the stash enhancements. And that will break the monotony of cable knitting since 3 projects are all cabling at the moment. Although 1 really is a languishing WIP, so can I really claim it as current?

imagePattern: My own making
Yarn: Leftovers

So, what are your finishes for the week? Did you wrap up anything or are you still chugging away? Tell all!
Yarn and Life

*2nd time for Spectre, loved it as much as the first time!!! Daniel Craig, swoon


12 thoughts on “Friday Flash Wrap Up

  1. Very cute hat.

    I did finish something this week. As a matter of fact, I finished two! I did the second sock of a pair that will be sent off to our son and I finished a charity child’s hat.

    Now I need to head into the craft room and pick out something else to work on.

  2. Loving the blanket! Did you increase after the garter edge? My garter is always quite a bit looser than stockinette, and if I throw cables in there as well I end up with ruffled. lol.

    1. Thanks! I always allow 1 increase per cable. Never cast on sts with the total cable sts in the mix. It makes your edge splay due to cables sucking in the fabric. With this one I wasn’t sure if the 1 increase would cover since the cable is 8 sts wide. So far so good.

  3. Swoon indeed! I love how intense he is and those eyes! Ok, back to the knitting 😉 The hat is adorable as usual. Love how you highlighted the seed stitch band with an accent color. And your cabled projects are looking wonderful.

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