Sunday Stash and Charity Knitting

Well, at least this week I can claim victory since I added nothing to the stash this week. OK, to be honest, I would have if we had not had snow overnight on Tuesday, which made all the knitters loathe to come out to knit on Wednesday morning. So I didn’t get to spend my birthday gift certificate! Oh well, it will wait until this week’s knitting.

Since I am not enhancing the stash I thought I would at least report on the state of the stash so far this month.

Stash On Hand: 68,123 yards 381 skeins
Knit: 1180 Yards 6 skeins
Purchased: 819 Yards 4 skeins

Looks as if I am ahead so far this month. Maybe I won’t go too far to the negative after this week. Of course the answer to that is to knit up a storm!!! And I would have really knit up a storm on Saturday if it wasn’t for the conditions! I had 6+ hours of time to sit and knit during the SIAC dive meet yesterday. Except it was hot, steamy, humid, damp, hot, sweaty, hot, muggy, and hot in the natatorium!!! It just was not the place to be knitting with wool yarn. I tired, but gave up after stopping frequently to fan myself. It was so damp the paper I was fanning with was as limp as I was becoming. But the girl placed 6 out of 11 divers, so we were very happy to be there, sweaty and hot as we, I, was.

Charity Knitting today is this pattern, using up leftovers of Valley Yarn DK Superwash yarns. I have been through lots of this stuff! And will continue to use up what I have, and likely buy more as I need. Perfect for baby stuff, and even for older peeps!

So, what has enhanced your stash this week? Yarn, fiber, fabric, needles? Do tell, Cooper is dying to know!image
Exit question: Does anyone use a silicon keyboard cover? I am considering getting one for my new Mac Book Pro and just wanted some feedback on them. I am going a little uber crazy buying things to protect it. I have a new clip on case and screen protector, I figure a keyboard cover would give me even more protection! I am worse than a new mom. LOL! caseIt’s just gorgeous!


15 thoughts on “Sunday Stash and Charity Knitting

  1. Has ‘t Girl just start diving in the last year or so? She’s doing great! (I have no diving expertise, other than liking to watch it on TV but to place right in the middle of a competition, sounds like a real accomplishment! No experience with tablet covers. Sorry.

  2. I have used a phone skin from Decalgirl before. They are thick enough to provide a decent amount of protection from dropping. And they usually come with matching phone wallpaper.

  3. There was a little bit of stash enhancement here …..I bought some cheapie yarn to use for charity hats AND of course, I needed larger size double points. But, that was a great score. Hobby Lobby had them on sale for $1.55!

    Thanks for the hat link…..I have some lighter weight yarns that would go great for that hat.

  4. I am in love with the baby blanket you are knitting. Is that your own pattern? It’s awesome. 🙂 What stitch are you using?

    I hope we are all finished with the snow this year! Can’t say I am fan, nope, not a fan at all!

    Wishing you a lovely day. 🙂

  5. I love that keyboard cover! As far as stash goes, I haven’t added anything. I’m glad, I’m trying to keep it at net zero, so by working on it now, when yarn festival season comes I can shop without guilt 🙂

    1. I know I am going to enhance it this week, but not as much as I did last year during my birthday month! I think I add 3200 yards that month alone. And I am not even going to divulge if I knit up any of that particular stash this past year. Nope, not gonna tell.

  6. I got myself two different types of ergonomic crochet hooks to try as well as a big jar of buttons from a garage sale 🙂

    I didn’t add to my stash or use any of it up but I did give a couple of skeins to my coworker for her mother in law. Her mother in law had a stroke a while back and she’s hoping crocheting and knitting will help her get some of her dexterity back. Apparently she’s already half way done with a very basic scarf, so that’s exciting!

  7. Love the colors and floral pattern of your case. My MacBook just sits at my desk so I leave it naked. As for stash enhancement, I have been going kinda crazy with buying sock yarns. So many cute self patterning yarns out there. There’s no way that I’ll be knitting it all up this year, though.

    1. I think back to all the sock yarn I stashed ages ago and then never used up. I ended up getting rid of most of the self striping Opals I had. I just wasn’t into sock knitting anymore, so it was mocking me! LOL

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