Keep Calm and live Life

I want to ask for prayers today. Hubster has a co-worker who just lost his wife this past week. She was headed to Illinois but never made it out of Indiana. She was found at a truck stop, slumped over the steering wheel. They were such a cute couple, full of life and love. We are so heartbroken for Hoss and his family. And a family friend on my side has lost his mother. She was very old, so it wasn’t unexpected, but still a hard thing to deal with.

And this news makes me determined to appreciate my life and my loves even more. I hate that it takes events like this to make us look at things in a new light, but I was already planning on keeping Life in the fore front of my mind in 2016.

This weekend had lots of Life to be lived. We spent most of Saturday watching Diva Girl dive and chatting with my parents and some friends. Their daughter got 5th and ours got 6th. We are so proud of them considering this is the first year of diving for both!

imageSunday after church and grocery shopping I sat down to continue working on charity hat knitting. Got a preemie hat done using this pattern. I just love the little white pom on top!! Planning to make a few more in this style before moving on to another pattern. I need to start looking at hats to decide which pattern next. I get in a rut sometimes using the same pattern over and over, so I will try to not dull the enthusiasm for charity knitting.

Then Hubster rushed Diva Girl to the ER with stomach pains. We have been dealing with this issue for 2 years now. We were hoping the Gall Bladder removal would take care of the issue, but so far, not. Again they can find no reason for her episodes. Her Dr sent her for Lab work, we are just waiting for the results. But I am sure the lack of a GB has something to do with it, but the stabbing pains? So hard to see your child sobbing in pain and doubled over.

Now, back to sweater knitting, which I will update tomorrow, the back is……..maybe done?

Joining the other crafters who are staying calm today, Frontier has the goods! I am staying extra calm because I am at the orthodontist getting my braces off!!! I cannot wait to eat a large bag of kettle corn! Chomp ice. Eat rice without it getting stuck in my wires!! I have so many food plans it’s disgusting. LOL


10 thoughts on “Keep Calm and live Life

  1. I will tell you a secret. Sometimes when I try to be grateful for the life and amazing things and people that fill it, I start to get scared … scared of losing those wonderful bits. But it’s all the more reason to enjoy it all.

    I’m sorry your daughter is still having these pains/episodes. I hope they find her some true relief or at least a better understanding of it all. I hope for both!

    As for your braces off, congratulations! How long have you had them on for? The kid has just begun year 2 and I have a feeling when he gets his off, he might chew his weight in bubble gum and eat gummies for breakfast and raw carrot sticks for dessert ha!

    1. I can’t complain too much I have only had them on since last April. But I have wanted them off since last April!!! And this was the 2nd time, so make sure he wesrs hiscretsiners once they are off! I wouldn’t go so far as to say raw carrots beckon me, but who knows, once I get through the junk good, they just might!

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