Wednesday is here!!!

Not that it is any better than any other day, but it does include knitting with the buds, so it’s worthy of a party! And today we are celebrating that last January birthday, so it really will be a party. And I get to spend my birthday gift card at the knit shop, so it’s doubly a party!! And the icing on top? I got my braces off yesterday!!!

imageWhat joy!

Life: Remember, it’s my word of 2016. Still living it still loving it! Intention: My “resolve” for 2016. Yeah, I’m losing it and had to rein myself in. Last week I got this bright idea that I just might be able to finish my sweater if I pushed through and focused on it. At that point I had 1 sleeve and half a back done. But then I still had over 12 days of January left. So Sunday night finds me knitting on the back and getting soooooo bored!! I was struggling to get through the shorter rows, after underarm decreases, and loathe to even look at it. What’s up with that? And then it hit me. I was placing a deadline on my knitting. A sure fire way to jinx myself and send me off down a rabbit hole of casting on all things.

So I brought myself back down to earth and reminded me that I had intentions for this year. They are to enjoy the knitting, not sweat the knitting, and not define the knitting. Or something like that. And here I was trying to wrangle the knitting into a time frame. Trying to pigeonhole it as a product rather than a process.

Now, I am truly a product knitter. If I don’t get a thing out of the knitting I don’t care to do it. I do not swatch endlessly to play with yarn, or knit just to piddle. I want the finish object as much as I want to enjoy the knitting. But, if I do not enjoy the knitting it can sometimes kill the product.

After talking myself back from the ledge I finished the row and then stopped. Went and did something else. And then on Monday I finished the back and was surprised at how eager I was to cast on the right front. So I did and got a bit knit on it.

image image

Yes, that is still the sleeve that is a different color than the rest of the yarn. I am determined to tea stain it and see what happens. If it fails I have lost nothing, I will just use it for something else. If it works, I’ve saved myself more knitting!!!

So that’s where I’m at this week, how about you? Follow along to see where others are going with their week.

And just because, the boys practicing “Wait”


9 thoughts on “Wednesday is here!!!

  1. I here ya when it comes to knitting deadlines. There is nothing worse to get you going on some serious startitis. I too am trying to enjoy the process more and relax with my knitting this year. For me it translates into not getting as much knit, but it is a bit more balanced which is good right?

    Congrats on getting your braces off. The feeling of smooth teeth is such a shock isn’t it?

  2. I’m a product knitter too. I think it’s because I feel like I get such a limited time to knit that I need to really utilize my knitting time. But yes, agreed nothing like a deadline to kill the joy!

  3. I love your perspective! Such a good reminder, as I can be so hard on myself sometimes. Congrats on getting rid of those braces!!! That’s huge! And your boys…oh, my goodness, but they are cute! 🙂

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