Friday free for all

The Friday parties have seemed to fizzle and I never know who has one or not, so I may be spotty on Fridays. This Friday I want to show the result of an experiment I did this week. Faithful readers might know I have an issue with the yarn I am using for my sweater. I love the value of Paton’s Classic Wool, but the recent dye lot issue had me in a snit.


I knit a sleeve first and then was knitting the back when I realized the color of the sleeve was brighter than the back. All the skeins were the same dye lot, but 3 of them were definitely not the same shade. I have enough for the sweater in the darker shade, but had a finished sleeve that would go un-used and I would have to end up knitting 3 sleeves!

Then I had a bright idea. Tea stain. Would it work? I read up and the info said to let it set darker than the finished shade you want as it would lighten when dried. I prepped the sleeve, brewed the tea, and then put it all in a bowl with a smaller bowl weighted inside to keep the sleeve submerged for even dyeing.

imageIn this photo the sleeve is still wet, but even now the shade has stayed pretty close! In natural light you can’t tell much of a difference. In house light you have to look for it. If I think a 2nd dunking will do better I might go for it before seaming the sleeve in, but for the most part I am just pleased as I can be that I do not have to knit 2 more sleeves!! The right front knitting has been steady and I should have that piece done today. But I’m not setting any deadlines on it. Not me! LOL

This week saw the end of my birthday celebrating. I received a few more gifts at knitting and I finally spent the gift certificate I got for my birthday. But that reveal will have to wait for Stash Sunday! I also spent my birthday bonus at Best Buy and purchased these:

imageThunderball, From Russia with Love,
and Diamonds are Forever

Only, I bought Blu-Ray and we didn’t have a Blu-Ray player! (Doh!) The saving grace? All have the new digital redemption code so I just logged on to Flixster and UltraViolet and watched away. And then picked up a Blu-Ray player at Best Buy during errand running on Thursday. And just maybe I got You Only Live Twice to boot!

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