Sunday Stash and Charity Hats

Well, I did it. I finally got into the shop to spend my gift certificate!! The snow shut me down last week. Not that I really knew what I was going to buy. I have dithered and thought and even then was only kind of certain I knew what I was going to do.

I ended up with 2 skeins of Madeline Tosh Light. I was pretty sure it would be some Mad Tosh, just no clue what. And then it hit. I have always wanted to knit mittens to match my winter coat. I think I scored!

image jlo-by-jennifer-lopez-jennifer-lopez-faux-wool-coat-medium-107415

The colors are Cactus Flower and Antler. I just love the Cactus Flower!! And I am so not a pink person. Well, I didn’t use to be. Now I seem to be acquiring a bit of it in the wardrobe.

The issue now is pattern. I wanted to do Snowfling, but it’s DK weight, and I have fingering. So I am searching and hoping the right one appears. I have 2 possibles, but nothing just grabs me like Snowfling does!! Oh well, I may just alter the pattern to use the smaller gauge, add some stitches or motifs.

Charity Hat knitting is this pattern today. I love the simple color work bands inserted in the hat. I wished I had some darker scraps to use for it, but having enough quantity in any one color is getting harder these days. Which would be good for the using up theory, but the truth is the scraps are bountiful, there just isn’t enough of one color to make a hat, so you have to get creative. I fear creative is in my future!

Update on Diva Girl. Last Sunday she was at the ER trying to determine what was causing abdominal pain. Monday we were at her Dr’s discussing where do we go from here. Her Dr ordered more blood work and after that we went home and she just crashed. Thursday I got a call from her Dr with the results. She has h. Pylori, a stomach bacteria that she could have contracted as a child. 14 days of 3 meds will hopefully clear it up. We are just thankful that we finally have an answer after over 2 years of chasing this! Of course, she thinks she needs to just amputate her abdomen after all the issues; ovarian cysts, gall bladder removal, and now this. Just hoping it hasn’t caused an ulcer at this point. We are hoping College Girl can get the blood work done to test for it also. She has had similar, yet milder symptoms than DG, far longer. She just hasn’t had as many acute episodes.

I hope your Sunday has been peaceful and full of the things you love!


4 thoughts on “Sunday Stash and Charity Hats

  1. Hopefully this will solve the issues for DG…..I have a friend who has an auto-immune disorder, but it took several years for them to diagnose her…..and MadTosh is the best…I never leave WEBS without a new skein…

  2. Poor DG! At least now there is a diagnosis and treatment plan. I hope she is feeling better.
    Your birthday yarn is beautiful. Snowfling would look gorgeous in those colors if you can adjust the pattern for your gauge.

  3. Sorry to read of all the health issues, and hoping this diagnosis and treatment brings resolution.
    The snowfling mittens are gorgeous. Wishing you luck finding a something that is equally attractive to you in a fingering weight.

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