January Recap

It was a good month despite not thinking it would be. I was afraid I would go hog wild with my birthday discount at a local shop, but I actually couldn’t decide what to buy, so I didn’t buy much. What I did buy was with a gift certificate, so I got away with spending $1.75 for my two skeins of Mad Tosh.

So for the month of January I spent $32.98, it’s only .44 more than I spent last year in January. But the positive is, I only added 1659 yards to stash this year, as opposed to 2832 yards last year. Last year’s purchases included a lot of birthday gift stash it would seem. LOL.

But the best news is this month was stash neutral! Yippee!!

Knit Up: 1672 yards and 8 skeins
Bought Up: 1659 yards and 6 skeins.

So glad to start the month with less rather than more, even if it’s only 13 yards! I knew I would have purchases because of the birthday, but I am pleased it was not too bad.

So for the finishes, I was sure I wouldn’t have many because of the large projects I have been working on, but the Sunday Charity knitting has yielded some hats, so they helped the total.


1 poncho, 1 pair of boot cuffs, and 5 hats. 1 hat is small adult sized, the other 4 are newborn/preemie hats. All hats used up some scraps, so yay for getting rid of some scraps! Unfortunately, the yardage knit up only included a few skeins of the purchased yarn for the month. I hope to get better at using up what I buy, but that’s not likely to happen that often.

So, intentions for the next month:

  1. Continue knitting on Jurisfiction sweater, 1 sleeve and left front to go before finishing.
  2. Continue charity hat knitting on Sundays
  3. Work on baby blanket for April baby.
  4. Narrow down what yarns will work with what patterns I have.

And that’s all. Not going to load up my plate, not going to set any deadlines. How’d your month go? As planned, or all to hell?


7 thoughts on “January Recap

  1. oo excellent 🙂 My month wasn’t stash neutral at all but it’s a yearly challenge so hopefully I’ll catch up this month lol. Can’t wait to see your Jurisfiction sweater when it’s finished (just wish I didn’t have to check the spelling every time I type the name!)

  2. I love that you’re in the positive already! What a great way to start the year and a heck of an accomplishment in your birthday month 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you do with the Tosh! Also love the idea of Charity knitting on Sunday, what a great way to be mindful 🙂

    1. I need to keep the hat knitting to one day, otherwise I would just knit hats all the time! They are so quick when done at preemie/newborn size. And so fun to use up scraps and try new patterns.

  3. My month went all to hell! I didn’t buy any new yarn but I didn’t finish ANYTHING. I’m still abstaining from crochet while I wait for my wrist to heal. It’s a dark time 😦 haha

  4. I love the idea of “stash neutral” Maybe something to strive for this year 🙂 but oh, dear me, all the pretty yarn . . .

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