Crafty Calm

This week I am just trying to curb the spending, but after 2 days I have already bought yarn, only 1 skein, and a yarn tool. As it is I am still ahead of last year’s buying as long as I don’t buy anything else in the month of February. How possible is that? I have no idea! So far this year I seem to buy at the beginning of the month and at the end, so fingers crossed that I break that cycle.


Work has progressed on the sweater and the baby blanket, but I am itching to switch to a non-cabled project!! And I have a skein of fabulous yarn from Forbidden Woolery that I am itching to use. I already have it wound and ready, just need to match it to a cowl. So I went “shopping” in my library and on Revelry.

Casu Cowl  Calls for 150-300 yards, I have 215.
Abundant Cowl Calls for 215!!!
Love and Happiness Yes, I know, it’s cabled.
Thirty-eight But I’ve done it too many times.
Soft Shoulder I don’t have enough!

Oh well, it’s not like I really “need” to start another project right now. Maybe I will just sit on it a bit? Finish something? Get further along on something. Wait until tomorrow and cast on at knitting? LOL!

Playing along with iknead2knit and yarnalong.

10 thoughts on “Crafty Calm

  1. Your knitting is so perfect! For some reason I suck at cables. I have no idea why! I’m sure it will click one day. I’m holding off on buying yarn for projects I have in mind because I’m off to a fibre festival in two weeks yay!

  2. Elise and Life

    Gorgeous cables! I’m making myself a cabled scarf but interspersing it with other (non-cabled) projects so I don’t go crazy! 🙂

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