Friday FOs and fun

Hope your day is progressing as planned. Our weather is playing cat and mouse with us. Warm for a few, then bitter cold, back to tepid, back to cold, and on and on and on! I would prefer it be all one or the other. I don’t really mind the cold, so I am not sitting here begging for Spring. The back and forth however, is not nice.

Charity Hat knitting Sunday, and to be truthful Saturday night, yielded 3 hats. 2 will go to one of the local hospitals and 1 to our church’s ministry. These hats were a true stash busting. Most yarns were bits and pieces from long ago projects. The pom pom striped one just about didn’t get finished. But then I found another scrap of the green so it made it to the end. Wish I had fleshed out the pom pom a bit more, but it’s no biggie.


The top left is a large child size hat, the pretty blue one is a newborn size, and the scrappy striped one is a preemie. They are all basic beanies done in DK. No pattern per say, but the pretty blue one was fashioned after this pattern.

Now to decide what the next hat pattern for charity knitting will be. I am thinking something with color work bands since I have so many scraps I can use. Now, finding enough of a base color to make the hat is the problem. I may have to mix some brands and fibers, but as long as they have the same appearance it won’t matter too much. I just need soft for baby heads.

Now for a fun weekend. Hubster is home from Chicago and we are waiting for Diva Girl’s Diving Sectionals on Saturday. It could be her last showing as there are numerous divers in the area that have been diving for years, as opposed to her first year of diving. But we are just pleased as can be for her season, placing 3rd in City, 6th in IHSAA, and many personal bests in regulation. And then the rest of the weekend will be catch up on house cleaning and spending time with Hubster! He has been in Chicago during the week for the last 3, it will be nice to have him home for good.


6 thoughts on “Friday FOs and fun

  1. Thank you all for the compliments! If only those random stripes did not involve wraving in SO many ends! I would probably stripe more if I didn’t have to deal with them! 😛

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