Stash Sunday

Today’s post is not as bad as it could have been, but I blame it on others. I picked up another skein of yarn for the baby blanket, due to my lack of foresight in calculating. At 200 yards a skein I thought 600 yards would be enough for a small, car seat blanket. But then a moderately cabled stitch pattern does tend to eat up the yarn. So I got the 4th one as insurance and for more length. I will probably just use as much of it as I can, or save some for a matching hat.


Perfection, from Kraemer, really is a great baby yarn. 75% Acrylic, 25% Wool, it is easy care, but not as plasticy feeling as others. And I just love that green! OK, so that one was totally my fault.

But this was not. I say this on KnittingtheStash and couldn’t pass it up.


Yes, I know it is a spinning tool. But I figure it will help with all those scraps I have that I cannot remember what they are leftover from. And thus I cannot remember what gauge they are. And it’s so pretty!!! And fast service! And I just cannot pass up gadgets!! Or containers!! Or yarn!! Or, or, ALL THE THINGS!


And how sweet she included a small gift!

Right now my binge spending is on blu-rays and DVDs. Gah! I have to stop! 1 DVD and 2 blu-rays in one house is enough. Best Buy and Amazon love me right now. Or I love them, I can’t decide. Since early December I think I have spent close to $1500.00 at Best Buy. I don’t think I have spent that much at Best Buy in the entire time they have been in business in our city. MUST! STOP!

OK, enough of that. Baby Hat Charity Knitting pattern of the day is….Baby Bear Hat using leftover Meriboo from Frog Tree. I have a cream and pink, so I think it will be perfect. Just need to decrease the cast on numbers so it will fit a little one. And leave off the roll brim as it eats up yardage. I might seed st the brim or mistake rib. A true rib will loss it’s spring with the bamboo content, so no reason to use a full blown ribbing.

So, how’s your Sunday shaping up?


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