Wednesday WIPs

The days seem to just fly by lately. Where is the time going? Before I know it Diva Girl will be graduating high school and I will be wondering what happened! And it is now official, I’ve bought the Tervis Tumbler and a school T-Shirt! Diva Girl’s housing deposit has been sent in and we are just waiting for the dorm info. She will be an FGCU Eagle this Fall. So excited for her! If I had even been able to attend college in such a beautiful spot, I would have just been thrilled. Who knows, I could always go back to school.

But, no, I’m beyond that and looking forward to the next stage in my life. No kids at home to do for, just Hubster, Me, and the pups. Now, if only I could teach them to let themselves out and get their own food! At least I don’t have to do much laundry for them!

And through it all the knitting will be there, steadfast and true. And likely I will still be knitting baby hats. This latest one is just too cute!

image image image
Pattern: Baby Bear Hat
Yarn: Frog Tree Meriboo

I love the Meriboo feel, so soft! I have enough for 3 more newborn hats for the delivery unit. But those hats will have to wait because I already have plans for the next Sunday Charity Hat, I just need to decide how I want to use the colors. I will knitting Clayoquot. I have white, red, and 2 blues to decide upon. The base color will either be white or light blue. Just need to compare the color charts I made up to see how the light, medium, dark work together. I may do 1 of each base color just to use up the yarn.

So, what’s on your needles today? Selfless or Selfish knitting. I am back to Jurisfiction, the right front is zooming along! I also put a few more rows on the baby blanket. So the urge to break out the cast ons has been averted with the recent cowl and baby hat. I think I am good for a week or two. But it helps that Sundays come and I know I will be working on something different. Keeps the spice in my marriage, um, knitting life.

Keep the party going, share your WIPs!


7 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs

  1. You sound like me. When I retired a couple of years ago, all sorts of people mentioned how wonderful it would be to have the time to finally go back to school. I finally just had to tell evereyone that that was one of the reasons I was retiring – I didn’t want to learn a new skill!

  2. How exciting for DG and for you! Such a gorgeous location. Now I want a do-over of my college years which were spent in snowy freezing Buffalo.
    The bear hat is adorable. Love that flash of pink for the ears.

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