Cable Splay!!

I know what it is, and how to avoid it, and why I want to avoid it. And I really hate when “designers” do not understand the nature of cables and do not adjust for it. It really shows their lack of knowledge. Sorry to be harsh, but that should be the most basic tenet of cables. The best explanation you can find is here.

Didn’t I refigure my Jurisfiction sweater to avoid the splay at cuffs and hem? Didn’t I do the same for the cast on for the blanket I am making? I determined how many cables, how wide of a cable, and how many edge sts I wanted. From that number I subtracted 1 stitch for each cable I was planning. 13 cables across equals 13 less sts at cast on. And then I knit my garter edging. And then, I increased in the middle of where I planned to have the cables, 13 times across.

And then, I knit for inches and inches. And then, I realized, I am ready to finish. So then, I matched the cable twists at the beginning on the other end and started my cast off. And then I realized after setting it to blocking, I didn’t decrease those 13 sts before starting the garter stitch edging! And then, I cried. Well, not really. I blocked it out and will let it dry AND THEN, I will undo the cast off and rip out 12 rows of garter stitch. AND THEN, I will decrease 13 sts across the row. And then, I will reknit the garter rows, 12 of them. And then, I will cast off. And then, I will likely weep again, but this time tears of joy! And then, I will write up my pattern and post it here.

image image
Can you spot the mistake edge?


How about now?

Oh well, I can’t be too mad, it is so close to finished, and in more than enough time to await the arrival of the Prof’s baby. This better get my kid a good grade! LOL.

image image
Finished size is 30″x38″.

I am sure the length will be close to the same after I remove the wires and pins, just hoping the width doesn’t suck back into itself. With the 75% acrylic in the blend I might have to kill the acrylic. Just hoping it doesn’t hurt the wool too. Or the cables! Neither color in the last photos are true, but I would say the right side is closest.

And now, on to finishing up Jurisfiction, if for no other reason, then to not have to spell that one more time on my computer which changes it EVERY TIME! You would think it knows by now I am not trying to spell Jurisdiction! Or maybe just start calling it Plum Pudding which is what I call it. The color is Plum Heather, so Plum Pudding seemed apropos.

Halfway to the underarm shaping!!


6 thoughts on “Cable Splay!!

  1. Oh what a pain, at least 12 rows of garter stitch isn’t too hard to knit. Your blanket is looking really good 🙂 I’d probably kill the acrylic with steam. I wouldn’t have thought it would affect the wool in the yarn unless you’re agitating it as well. Just pin it out, steam it and then leave it to cool and dry. Maybe test on a swatch?

    Your Jurisfiction is knitting up fast, very impressed, can’t wait to see it finished

  2. I’m with Valerie, at least it’ not too much to pull back, but honestly, I had a hard time spotting it. I will have to consult you the next time I do a big cable project, you’ve got it figured it out! It looks beautiful even before you “fix” it. You’re such a perfectionist!

    I laughed out loud when you were talking about the autocorrect/spellcheck fixing your pattern name. Happens all the time!

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